Academic Information

Academic Calendar

Our academic year is divided into two semesters, each sub-divided into two periods, so 4 periods in total. Different courses are offered during each period. When you create your course selection, make sure that the course is offered during the period of your exchange.

Semester 1 (Fall): First week of September – last week of January

Period one: September – November
Period two: November – January

Semester 2 (Spring): Second week of February – first week of July (Retakes for the 4th period are in August)

Period three: February– April
Period two: April – July

Click here for the current Academic Calendar.

Credits and Assessment

  •  In the Bachelor (undergraduate) most courses are assessed by an exam at the end of the period (every 7-9 weeks).
  • In the Master (graduate) programme some courses have different assessment methods (assignments, homework, practical, etc.) throughout the duration of the course. Check the study guide for specifications.

  • Re-sits for the courses are offered in the exam period of the subsequent period. For example, re-sits for period 1 courses are offered in the exam week of period 2. Please note exchange students who will study with us for the Fall semester only, cannot participate in the re-sits from period 2 which take place in period 3, since that is outside the enrolment period. Proctoring of exams is unfortunately not an option, since that is not facilitated by our Faculty.

  • The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is used. Find detailed information on the central website.

  • The Bachelor programme takes 3 years and consists of 180 ECTS in total. The MSc programmes takes 2 years and consists of 120 ECTS in total. The study workload is 60 ECTS per year and 30 ECTS per semester.

  • For conversion of the credits you should consult your home university