Course Information

Course information specific for exchange students

  • Exchange students need to take a minimum of 24 ECTS credits per semester and we advise not to exceed 30 ECTS credits for 1 semester.

  • The credits need to be evenly divided over the periods, 12-15 ECTS per period is required to make sure it will be an equal and manageable study workload.

  • As an undergraduate (Bachelor) student you are allowed to take graduate (Master) courses, as long as you meet the pre-requisites and the course is open to exchange students. It is up to you to make sure that you meet the pre-requisites. Changes can occur, even last minute, and placement can never be guaranteed.

  • A minimum of 51% of the ECTS credits are required to be from the faculty of Aerospace Engineering, but a minimum of 70% is strongly advised. Please be aware that selecting courses from multiple faculties may increase the risk of conflicting time schedules.

How to find your courses

A list of courses taught at the Aerospace Engineering faculty, as well as courses at other faculties that are open for exchange students can be found here. there you can also find a link to the course catalogue and a manual on how to use it. 

Please, read this document carefully and take note of the resticted courses!

Visit the study guide to find out about all the courses offered at TU Delft. There you can get information on the topics, ECTS, teaching period and general information on the courses. Search by course code, instructor or name.

Arrange your timetable

Visit to arrange your preferred courses in a timetable, this is the best way to find out whether you have timetable clashes.
Please note, that the timetable for the Fall semester will only be available late August and for the Spring semester in January.

When lectures clash, there are two options

  1. Check if the lecture is recorded on Collegerama and study the course outside the lecture hours.

  2. Follow one course and self-study the other one, by just using the lecture slides and other material provided

Enroll for courses

You can enroll for courses on Brightspace once your registration at TU Delft is completed. An instruction video for Brightspace can be found under this link.

How to enroll?

  1. Login with your NetID and password.

  2. Click on the course catalogue ('Catalog') on the top bar and type in the course name or code.

  3. Enroll for your preferred courses

Please note, some courses may only open for enrollment in the first week of the semester. So do not be alarmed when you cannot find a course just yet.

Once you are enrolled in the courses you will be able to access study material and get notifications. Most courses are open for exchange students, but make sure to check that before enrolling. Furthermore, there is usually no maximum limit of students that can enroll in the course unless stated otherwise.

Thesis work

As an exchange student you may do supplementary research while on exchange, but you need to contact the Faculty’s Exchange Office first. You would have to find a supervisor by yourself and provide the exchange office with certain information.

Check out AE4997 on the Studyguide for more information, make sure to select the relevant academic year.