Educational feedback

The Faculty Aerospace Engineering considers the quality of education an important topic. That is why the faculty uses educational quality assessment and control, containing various means to ensure the quality of education.

The instruments used are, i.a. course evaluations, Quality Control Groups (QCG), pass rates and student progress rates, mentor evaluations and the Board of Studies committee. In order to use these instruments to their full extent, cooperation of students is needed. Therefore: quality of education is a concern of the faculty, but also for students!

The evaluations of courses are placed on Brightspace. These can be found via Evaluations TUD > LR/AE.

Feedback form 
The Quality Control Groups of the VSV each year evaluate the Bachelor courses of the Aerospace Engineering Curriculum. The individual student is now also able to give feedback about courses or the study programme through the Education Feedback Form.

Students who wish to provide feedback about courses of the study programme, can fill out this VSV Educational Feedback Form here. Twice per quarter these feedback forms will be discussed with the VSV, academic counselors, and quality control.

System for quality management
The instruments of AE aim mainly at evaluating on course level, and are particularly applied in the Bachelor programme. Information gathered from research/evaluations is always viewed and fed back to the responsible party (mostly the responsible instructor).

In the diagram below the quality assurance cycle is displayed. At first, quality is defined by specific goals and quality standards. The information needed to measure the actual quality is determined next. The analysis of the data is done by using the quality standards and this results in undertaking possible actions for improving the quality of education. Finally, the cycle starts over again to see if the actions have led to the desired quality improvement.

At the Faculty Aerospace Engineering the Director of Education is responsible for the quality of education. Organisation, development, and execution of the internal quality assurance system are assigned to the Education and Student Affairs office of the Faculty.

For further information on the system for quality management of the Faculty Aerospace Engineering, please contact the educational advisor or the student assistant.