Faculty Student Council

Who are we?

The Faculty Student Council, or FSC, is a group of six students who are elected each spring to serve as the representation of Aerospace Engineering students to the faculty administration for the next year. For the academic year 2019-2020, these students are: 

Thomas ArblasterChair
Mateusz GlowackiSecretary
Olga LubbersBachelor Education
Kaushal DaveMaster Education
Stefan KnoopsFacilities
Pieter BijlCommunication 

What do we do? 

We are a legal student body that is involved in decision making in the faculty. Hereby, we help ensure the quality of the education and services within our faculty. Every month, we meet with the management team to discuss current and future topics. We are kept informed about important changes and developments, as well as long-term plans. In being part of the conversation, we represent Aerospace Engineering student interests and give our advice to this effect. This advice is not limited to ongoing topics, but also involves independent projects we put forward; think for example of the coat hooks in the toilets, the improved spacing between the bike racks, or the regulations requiring representative practice material before each exam. 

What can you do? 

As a student member of the faculty, you can contact the FSC about issues, concerns, or ideas that we can then discuss with the management team. Whether it be concerns about examination regulations, lecture hall space, facilities, services for international students, or anything in between, let us know! To keep informed about what we do around the faculty, check out our quarterly newsletter, or follow our Facebook page.

Where can you contact us?

We are always available to contact via email or on Messenger. Of course, you can also just catch one of us in the faculty. Don’t hesitate to contact us; you’re always welcome!