What is the FSC?

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) is a 9-member student body that represents the interests of the students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences in a variety of areas, including the following:

  • Faculty policy
  • Services
  • Facilities

The FSC is the the highest representative body available to students at the faculty level.

As mentioned above, the main focus of the FSC is on policy formation. The council has consultation rights regarding the faculty’s budget, and a right of consent regarding the Teaching and Examination Regulations (Onderwijs en Examenreglement, OER), both of which it exercises on an annual basis. Besides that, the FSC is continuously kept up-to-date on the Faculty’s current business throughout the year, by way of various meetings and consultations.

In short, by participating in various meetings at the faculty (or inter-faculty) level, we, the members of the FSC, make the opinion of students known to the policy makers of the faculty. And we can assure you that we are heard.


In this section you can find a short explanation of how the FSC reaches its goals, and you can find out how the FSC represents the faculty’s students effectively.

The FSC consists of twelve members from different Bachelor‚Äôs and Master‚Äôs programmes of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. The FSC is divided into different subgroups, so that matters specific to individual degree programmes or locations can be discussed internally. Each of these subgroups, which are known as ‚ÄėChambers‚Äô, represents a different degree programme. 

The FSC of the Faculty of Applied Sciences consists of the following chambers:

  • Applied Physics (BSc & MSc)
  • Chemical Engineering (BSc & MSc)
  • Science Education & Communication (MSc)
  • Nanobiology (BSc & MSc)
  • Science Education & Communication (BSc & MSc)

In addition, the FSC strives to maintain a healthy relationship with the departments, the Study Associations and also the Board of Studies, which it achieves through regular contact and cooperation.

Certain members of the FSC attend various meetings held throughout the University regarding a wide range of topics that concern students, such as the construction of the new Applied Sciences building, as well as meetings with the FSCs of other faculties, for example.

These other meetings are divided amongst the AS FSC members at the beginning of the year, to ensure an equal distribution across the members of the different Chambers and, most importantly, to make sure the FSC of the Faculty of Applied Sciences is well represented.

The entire FSC meets every two weeks for an Internal Meeting (IM), to discuss the current status of business at the faculty. During these meetings, each of the Chambers updates the entire FSC regarding the progress they have achieved. In addition, all the other meetings attended by individual members of the FSC are also discussed, so that the council has a good overview of the current state of affairs.

Once every six weeks there is a FSC Meeting together with the dean and the directors of education of the various educational programmes.This is the arena for consultation  between the students and the faculty, and it is where the FSC excercises its various rights of consent or initiative.