What about your opinion?

The FSC wants to know how you think our faculty could be improved. You can make your opinion known to us by talking to one of the FSC members. If you can’t find one of us, you can always leave your comments at the offices of the study associations or send us an e-mail (fsr-tnw@tudelft.nl).

Become a member of the FSC

The ultimate form of student representation within our faculty is, of course, to participate in the Faculty Student Council as a member. It is your chance to make your voice heard in the faculty’s policy making, with regard to education, housing and facilities.

During a term of office lasting one year, you will gain experience of the university’s bureaucratic processes and acquire another perspective on education. Some additional benefits of participating in the FSC are that you will

  • improve your conference debating skills
  • learn to negotiate with the management team
  • get the chance to execute your own initiatives

To compensate you for the time and effort you put into representing the students of your degreel programme, the university gives each member a right to three  ‘guarantee months’.*

*Provided that you comply with the appointed conditions