Study places during the lockdown

We are very pleased to announce that approximately 150 individual study workstations in the Applied Sciences study area will be available by 8 March 2021.

Reservations can be made via

How to make a reservation?

Select a building - a room** - a workspace: Up to 1 week in advance, 1 shift at a time. 
(You can select any building (58 or 22), no distinction is made in terms of education)

  • 1st shift 8:000h - 12:45h 
    2nd shift 13:15h - 18:00h
  • You can also reserve a place in building Pulse, see the information page
    Study places on campus.
  • Only make a reservation for yourself.
  • Check in upon arrival:
    • With your campus card to enter the building;
    • Then scan the QR code on the computer screen with your mobile phone to confirm your reservation.
  • You can now go to the workspace you have reserved. 
  • Clean the workplace with the disinfectant materials present in the room.
  • Observe the corona rules. 
  • You can eat and drink at your workplace, but please leave everything tidy.
  • Cancel if you are not coming! 
  • Stay home if you or one of your housemates show COVID-19 symptoms and follow the guidelines.

**Please note that rooms A201 and A203 in building 22 are temporarily unavailable and will become vacant within a few weeks

For more information about the reservation system see the FAQ on the OKKU website.

We would like to hear your feedback about the study places or the reservation system. Please send an e-mail to