Civil Engineering

TU Delft's Faculty of Civil Engineering is one of the best of its kind, currently ranked number four of all civil engineering departments worldwide. After completing the bachelor program, the student can choose a MSc program to specialize in a certain field, a so-called tracks. One of these MSc programs is Civil Engineering (CE), composed of the following tracks:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Building Engineering
  • Geo-Engineering
  • Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • Hydraulic Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transport & Planning
  • Water Management

In the MSc program CE and TIL there is an opportunity for the student to do an internship at a (governmental) institution or company at home or abroad.

Contents of an internship

The internship aims to provide students with skills that complement those taught at university. Students are free to choose an organisation. Students are also free to choose a subject, as long as it is connected to civil engineering or transport, infrastructure & logistics. For example, an MSc student structural engineering could do an internship in hydraulic engineering if the students prefers to. The internship should last at least seven full time weeks (280 hours) or part time equivalent. However, students are free to extend this period.

The internship office

The internship office at the Faculty of Civil Engineering is the main point of contact for companies/institutes interested in hiring an intern, for acquiring more information, and for any issues with our interns. If you are interested to have an intern from our faculty, please contact the internship office. Contact information can be found on the right of this page.

Often, an internship is the first time for students to see how things are done in practice. To stimulate the assertiveness of the student we expect the student to organize an internship spot on his/her own. The internship office supports the student by spreading internships offered by companies and institutions. It is up to the student to get in touch with the company/institution in order to arrange an internship.

Why hire an intern from the Faculty of Civil Engineering?

The list with arguments that can be produced based on this question is quite long. We will here give you a selection of the main arguments given by different companies who have already had interns from us:

  • Students are up-to-date with theoretical knowledge;
  • Students demonstrate a fresh and analytic view of the problems within a company or institute;
  • Students are trained in doing project-based work in multidisciplinary teams;
  • Possibility to recruit highly trained students in a flexible way, who will be able to solve problems which are taking too much of your own time;
  • An internship is an excellent way to recruit talented young employees;
  • Hiring a student from the Faculty of Civil Engineering will provide you access to renowned professors and research groups.

The easiest way to get an intern is to have an internship with a specific project/research available. The internship office will then spread and promote the available spot in and around our faculty.

Another way to get in touch with future interns is to contact the ‘disputen’ (study associations of MSc tracks) of relevant master tracks. A list with all study associations can be found here.

A great way to get in touch with many civil engineering students is during the ‘Civiele Bedrijvendagen’ (Civil Engineering Company Days). This event is organized by the study association of the Civil Engineering and held yearly in May. For more information please contact the responsible committee, contact information can be found here.

Frequently asked questions

The intern deals with confidential information, what is TU Delft's policy on this?

If a company asks for confidentiality, the University will respect this confidentiality; we are well accustomed to treating not only our own research but also that of our industrial partners with the necessary care and caution.

The student has to deliver an Internship report (incl. a technical section and a (professional) reflection) and summary of the internship at the end of the internship in order to obtain study credits. The technical part can be marked as confidential (up to 7 years), if that is the case if will be kept in our archives only which is required by law. The summary can be written in such a way that no confidential information is disclosed. The evaluation part is always treated as confidential. The university supervisor and internship coordinator have to read the technical report in order to assess the internship. As can be expected, they will respect the confidentiality of the report.

What are the tasks of the company supervisor?

The company supervisor takes care of the day-to-day business. He/she is also the contact person for the intern, regarding both organizational and project related questions. The company supervisor also introduces the intern to the organisation. Finally, the supervisor assesses the intern at the end of the internship.

Is the internship provider liable?

The company cannot evade legal liability by transferring it to the student or to the university. The party on whose premises work is carried out (Section 7:658(4) of the Netherlands Civil Code) not only directs the work but also determines the conditions under which it is carried out. This means that, by operation of law, it is there that the responsibility and therefore the liability ultimately rests.

TU Delft or the student cannot take on this liability (as it goes beyond statutory provisions). In case a company uses or applies any result obtained from an internship or if a company lets a third party use or exploit such result, the company shall indemnify the student and the TU Delft against claims from third parties due to any damage arising from the use or exploitation of such results by or through the company.

How can I contact the internship office?

We are best contacted using email: We try to respond within 5 working days! We can be contacted by phone too: +31 (0) 15-2781174.