Frequent Questions and Answers about Specialisations

How do I choose the most suitable specialisation?

Once a year we will organize a workshop for first year TIL students. There we will also use the 4 TIL Toolboxes, which you can find in this portal. Study these Toolboxes to find out which specialisation contains the most of the themes, topics, methods etc. that match with your interests. Other sources of information are more advanced TIL students and the TIL Programme Coordinator, John Baggen.

Is it possible to change specialisation?

Yes. The check of your specialisation is actually carried out by the Board of Examiners before you graduate. You can change specialisation and follow the courses in the new specialisation. You "relabel" your specialisation courses into electives as far as possible.

I have a schedule conflict in my study program, whom should I contact?

You have to solve a conflict yourself by choosing other courses or discuss with the lecturers involved. It is impossible to make a conflict free schedule, because of the large number of choices.

Is it possible to choose 2 specialisations?

Yes, but label the courses of one specialisation as your chosen specialisation and label the courses of the other specialisation as elective courses. In all cases you will fulfil the elective requirements of 3 out of 4 elective lists (colours).