Binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA)

Personal circumstances justifying postponement of the Binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA) for current students

Application for postponement

Applications for postponement of the BSA on the grounds of personal circumstances can be made until 17 June 2019. Also apply when the results of Quarter 4 are still unknown!

Please contact the Study Advisor about the procedure and the essential documents. Please take into account that there is a waiting period for getting a declaration from the student psychologist or physician.

The BSA committee meets at least twice per academic year:

  • 13 May (deadline for submitting request: 1 May 2019)
  • 4 July (deadline for submitting request: 17 June 2019)

The next meeting of the BSA Committee will be on Thursday 4 July 2019. Please send your request before Monday 17 June. Send all your documents per e-mail to Secretary ESA:


Students who receive an expected negative binding study advice, have the opportunity to explain their circumstance in person during a hearing. 

These take place on:

  • 22 August
  • 23 August

If you registered before 18 August 2019 using the objection form, you will be invited for one of these dates. Keep this in mind.