The start of your studies in Computer Science & Engineering

Where and when do lectures start?

Lectures start on Monday 2 September 2019. You are expected on campus at 08:45 am on campus, and will receive an e-mail about the exact time and location at the end of August. This e-mail will also contain the programme of your first day, which will start with a Programme introduction.      

Please remember that the first day of studies is a very busy day on campus: busses are crowded and it may be more difficult to find a space to park your bike. Make sure you leave on time: it’s okay to be a few minutes earlier.

What is the status of my admission?

Computer Science & Engineering has a selection procedure. To find the latest information on your enrolment, please see Studielink.

What can or should I do before the first day?

Your studies start on 2 September. There are a few things that are good to do before that day:

  • Register for the Delft student introduction week Ontvangstweek (OWee) and your study association’s Freshers’ weekend (‘Eerstejaarsweekend’ or EJW). Check for more information.

  • If for some reason you cannot join the OWee or the Freshers’ weekend, come and get to know Delft on your own. It’s very handy to get to know the campus, where to go shopping, withdraw money, etc, before studies start!

  • Buy a laptop! Every CSE student is required to have a laptop. Check this page for more information.

  • Get prepared by brushing up your calculus skills by joining our Pre-university Calculus MOOC: (link:

Books and study materials

All required and suggested books and/or readers are stated in the course information in the Digital Study Guide.

Once your registration at Delft UT is complete, you will receive your login details. You can use these to order readers in our electronic learning environment Brightspace. More information during the Programme Introduction!



TU Delft Laptop project

Yes, you should! You will need it, not only to study from home, but also for your practical courses and projects on campus. You can buy a laptop from the TU, but you can also buy from another shop, as long as the laptop meets the required specifications. These will be published on the Delft TU Laptop project website.

Not entirely sure of what to buy? Or maybe you prefer Apple products? Contact the study association, they will be able to give you advice:



Study Association

Every study programme at Delft UT has a study association. The study association organises interesting and fun activities all year round. They also sell the books you need (members get a discount!) and if you have any questions or remarks concerning your study programme they can help you.

CSE students are joined by Applied Mathematics (AM) student in study association W.I.S.V. ‘Christiaan Huygens’ (CH). The first contact you’ll have with CH is during the Freshers’ weekend, which is part of Delft UT’s general introduction week OWee. Register for the Freshers’ weekend and the OWEE via the latter’s website:

Please note: there will be no hazing during the Freshers’ weekend. It is a fun weekend aimed at informing you on educational matters and the study association and getting to know fellow students. Programme management therefore highly recommends taking part!

Mentoring and Academic Counsellors

Computer Science & Engineering has compulsory Mentoring during the first semester. You will be divided into small groups and meet regularly with two mentors: a lecturer of the programme and a more experienced student. You will learn study skills and more about computer science, the faculty and Delft.

Besides the mentor programme your Academic Counsellors will be available to discuss you study progress and planning and answer any questions you may have. If you have a functional impairment, for instance a dyslexia or a physical disability, and you need support in your studies as a result, you may also contact the academic counsellors for advice and information.

Overview of courses

Information on all courses of the CSE programme is available in the digital study guide ( On the first day you will also receive a curriculum chart which gives a schematic overview of the programme




For an indication of your timetable go to and click on ‘add timetable’. Pick year ‘2019-2020’ and click on ‘Programme of study’. In the window that opens, search for Computer Science and Engineering 1.  

Binding Study Recommendation (Dutch: Bindend Studieadvies, BSA)?

Yes, like all Delft UT bachelor’s programmes CSE requires that you pass at least 45 EC worth of courses in the first year.

If you do not reach 45 EC, you cannot continue the Computer Science & Engineering programme after the first year and are prohibited from re-enrolling into the programme for four years. Find more information here.



[Translate to English:] Wanneer zijn de hertentamens?

[Translate to English:] De hertentamens van de bacheloropleiding Electrical Engineering wijken af van het standaard TU Delft rooster. De hertentamens van het eerste kwartaal zijn in de week na de kerstvakantie van 6 t/m 10 januari 2020. De overige hertentamens van kwartaal 2, 3 én 4 zijn in de zomer. Let dus op, de hertentamens zullen in de weken 5.3 en 5.4 zijn. Voor collegejaar 2019-2020 is dat van 20 juli t/m 31 juli 2020.

[Translate to English:] Waar kan ik terecht voor meer informatie?

[Translate to English:] Is je vraag niet beantwoord? Meer antwoorden op algemene vragen kun je vinden op de TU Delft Welkomstsite.

Over de faculteit EWI vind je meer informatie