Going Abroad

Are you going abroad?

When your internship takes place abroad you have to register yourself at Osiris Stay abroad. This way, you can make use of the travel insurance of the TU Delft. For more details, please visit the Study & Internship Abroad page. Here you can also find more informtion about for example Funding & Scholarships, Safety, Insurance & Vaccinations, Language courses, and Housing Abroad.

If you need vaccinations for the country you visit, please let your internship coordinator know. She can supply you with a form for the SGZ which gives you a reduction of € 50,- of the costs.

Internship without studying in Germany

You can complete an internship in Germany even if you are not studying at a German university or have just finished a course. The only condition is that your work placement should relate in some way to the subject of your course.

Students who are not from EU or EEA countries as well as students from Romania and Bulgaria need a permit from the German International Employment Agency "Zentrale Auslands- and Fachvermittlung der Bundesagentur für Arbeit" (ZAV) (http://www.zav.de) to do an internship in Germany. With this "Confirmation of approval", you must apply for a visa at the German embassy/consulate in your country, or the authorities if you are already in Germany. Visit the following website for the information about the visa: https://www.germany-visa.org. Your prospective employer may also submit an internship application for you to the ZAV.

For a complete overview, visit the webpage at DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.