Calendar Graduation ceremonies

Starting from March 23rd, all graduation ceremonies will proceed online. Chairs, mentors and students will be informed by the department of Education and Student Affairs (ESA).

Visit the TU Delft webpage regarding the coronavirus for an update.

If you would like to join a graduation ceremony, please contact the graduate or ask the secretariat of the chair for the link of the online ceremony


Micha Dijkhuizen

Chair: L.W.L. Simonse

Mentor: Ir. R.B.R. van den Berge

Title: A Sustainability Roadmap for Derako

13 January, 10:30, Online


Leonie Remmerswaal

Chair: Prof.dr. S.C. Pont

Mentor: Drs. S.E. Colenberg

Title: Creating a restorative experience for the home-worksetting

20 January, 09:30, Online


Walt van der Veen

Chair: M.B. van Dijk

Mentor: Ir. W.F. Kets

Title: 2030: A future vision & concept for VanMoof

15 January, 13:00, Online


Emma van Wensen

Chair: R. Mugge

Mentor: Dr. dipl.- Des. S.U. Boess

Title: Designing SusA: An interactive artwork that

stimulates sustainable behaviour through positive feedback

22 January, 09:30, Online


Jefta Harwig

Chair: Dr. J.D. Lomas

Mentor: J.E. Oberdorf

Title: Battle everyday stress: A design strategy to marketize breathwork meditation through tactile vibrations

22 January, 11:00, Online


Jeroen van Rijnberk

Chair: E. Tempelman

Mentor: M. Haans

Title: Appassionato: An integrated induction cooktop design

22 January, 15:45, Online




Zhou Zhou

Chair: MSc. A.H. Jellema

Mentor: C. Hao

Title: An Improved Design of IPL Hair Removal Device for Generation Z

26 January, 13:45, Online


Clarice Risseeuw

Chair: Prof.dr. E. Karana

Mentor: W.S. Elkhuizen

Title: Flavobacteria’s Structural Colour

27 January, 10:45, Online


Laura van Overhagen

Chair: S. Hiemstra – van Mastrigt

Mentor: Ir. R.G.H. Bluemink

Title: A design vision towards seamless European train journeys

28 January, 13:45, Online


Alejandra Celis Vargas

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: E.A. van den Hende

Title: The future is bio-based: Towards a sustainability

transition of biomaterials lead by users

28 January, 13:45, Online


Rosa Hendrikx

Chair: J.I. van Kuijk

Mentor: S. Hiemstra – van Mastrigt

Title: A service design vision for air-rail journeys

29 January, 10:45, Online


Menno de Graaf

Chair: Dr. R.A. Price

Mentor: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Title: International growth strategy for a fast-growing last

mile delivery planning company

29 January, 13:30, Online


Maurice van Bussel

Chair: Em. Prof. B. Ninaber van Eyben

Mentor: G.A. Orsini

Title: Ergonomic improvements in the professional Kitchen

3 February, 14:30, Online


Teun Verwijmeren

Chair: Prof.dr. P. Vink

Mentor: Ir. H.E.C. Crone

Title: Universal Charging for Publicly Shared E-bikes

5 February, 10:45, Online


Marc Aliana Guardia

Chair: Prof.dr. A.R. Balkenende

Mentor: Ir. A.L.M. Minnoye

Title: Recycling 3D prints: enabling material reuse in prototyping facilities

12 February, 14:30, Online