Calendar Graduation ceremonies

Starting from March 23rd, all graduation ceremonies will proceed online. Chairs, mentors and students will be informed by the department of Education and Student Affairs (ESA).

Visit the TU Delft webpage regarding the coronavirus for an update.

If you would like to join a graduation ceremony, please contact the graduate or ask the secretariat of the chair for the link of the online ceremony


Marina Daviu Moncadas

Chair: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Mentor: Dr. P. Cankurtaran

Title: Redesigning the home buying process: A socially engaging experience for young adults

23 October, 13:45, Online


Luhui Ding

Chair: Dr. N. Romero Herrera

Mentor: M.J.B. Boon MSc

Title: Design an engaging food diary app for young adults

26 October, 13:45, Online


Fan Sun

Chair: N.J.H. Vegt Phd

Mentor: N.A. Romero Herrera

Title: #Fashionisme: A design to break weight stigma internalisation circle in the age of social media

27 October, 15:45, Online


Femke Maas

Chair: C.A. Bakker

Mentor: Ir. J.J. Joustra

Title: Practical guidelines for circular product design

28 October, 09:30, online


Yufei He

Chair: Prof.dr. P. Vink

Mentor: Dr. Y. Song

Title: Design a smart cushion for civil aircraft seats

28 October, 10:45, online


Yu Liu

Chair: A. Bozzon

Mentor: S. Hiemstra – van Mastrigt

Title: Improve the mobility situation around the ArenAPoort during events

28 October, 10:45, Online


Benedetta Grazian

Chair: E.D. van Grondelle

Mentor: Dr. S.C. Pont

Title: Mediating between human driver and automation through human-machine interface for highly automated vehicles

28 October, 15:00, Online


Leoni Halkes

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Ir. S. Bakker-Wu

Title: Increasing consumer retention by innovation-based concept design for digital grocer Crisp

29 October, 13:30, Online


Sijie Tong

Chair: Mr. J. Bourgeois

Mentor: Ir. S.S. Mulder

Title: Data Donation: Engage users in ethical data-driven design

29 October, 14:00, Online


Bibin Parukoor Thomas

Chair: Dr. T.J. Jaskiewicz

Mentor: N.A. Romero Herrera

Title: Improving work-from-home satisfaction during COVID-19

29 October, 14:30, Online


Yue Lin

Chair: F.E.H.M. Smulders

Mentor: J.E. Oberdorf

Title: Decoding a holistic laundry product experience to envision the future product innovation

30 October, 13:00, Online


Peixin Wang

Chair: M.H. Sonneveld

Mentor: A.G.C. van Boeijen

Title: Support the elderly immigrants with Chinese background on the end-of-life preparation in the Dutch context

30 October, 13:30, Online


Geeske Meijer

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Dr. A.M. Kranzbühler

Title: Defining the brand SINNER: proposing a new strategic vision and creating a brand book

30 October, 13:45, Online


Jelle Dott

Chair: Prof.dr. L.P.J. Schoormans

Mentor: Dr. B.Eng. M.J.B. Boon

Title: Food Waste Prevention: A design intervention for households

30 October, 15:45, Online


Martine de Haan

Chair: S.C. Mooij

Mentor: Ir. R.G.H. Bluemink

Title: A value proposition for the new generation parents

6 November, 14:30, Online


Nayantara Thomas

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: J.M.L. van Engelen

Title: Information and awareness as a means to develop piped water supply systems in rural and peri-urban Bangladesh

12 November, 13:30, Online


Chenye Xu

Chair: Ir. M.A. Gielen

Mentor: Ir. J.M.W. Weerdesteijn

Title: Let's Walk! Design the gait test station for children.

18 November, 13:00, Online


Yiwen Zhang

Chair: Prof.dr. J.P.L. Schoormans

Mentor: M.S. Kleinsmann

Title: Improving parent-child communication

20 November, 13:45, Online


Mark van der Smagt

Chair: M.C. Rozendaal

Mentor: A. Bozzon

Title: Exploring vibration noticeability in the context of Grippy

25 November, 10:45, online


Lilly Deijmann

Chair: G. Calabretta

Mentor: Dr. R.A. Price

Title: Beyond the consumer lifecycle – A service framework for PostNL to develop

27 November, 14:30, Online