Application at IDE TU Delft

Prepare application

You can register for an exchange programme twice a year:

  • For the first and second semester of the next academic year, the application link will available one month before the deadlines.
  • The deadlines will be around 15 December and 7 September and will be announced when the registration is open.

If you are interested in going on exchange and you want to receive the application mails, you can send us a mail and we will add you to our list. You can also come to the Study Abroad information market and write your name on the list that will be there during the whole week.

Handing in documents

Motivation letter

Your motivation letter should be written in English. Make sure your letter is approximately 400 words. You can write in your letter why you would like to go abroad (study, personal reasons, etc.), why you wish to go to the university of your first choice and why you are the person to go there. This motivation letter can later be used (if necessary) for your application at a partner university.

GPA (grade point average), study progress, transcript of records

We will use your current transcript of records, GPA and study progress. You don’t need to send it to us. In case your study progress is not nominal, also provide a study plan. The study plan needs to be sent to us, together with the motivation (and other documents if required).


Master students need to provide a resume.


For some universities you will need a portfolio, please be aware of this and start thinking about making one. You don't need a portfolio for applying for an exchange place at IDE, but you may need it when applying at the partner university.


Once you have applied by filling in the Google Form we will send you, we divide the exchange places among the students. We base the selection on the available places, the interest of the students, your GPA (grade point average), study progress, motivation and resume.

You can give the top four universities of your choice and we will try to give every student the place of his/her preference. Because of the limited number of places available at each partner university, it will not always be possible to honour your first choice.

We will inform everybody within four weeks after the deadline.