Academic counsellors

At TU Delft every faculty has academic counsellors. An academic counsellor can provide you with general information about your study programme and about studying at TU Delft.  The academic counsellor can also provide you with personal guidance and advice regarding the specific situation you are in. You can contact the academic counsellor with all sorts of questions, see below.

You can reach us via e-mail, you can make an appointment at the Servicepoint, you can call or come by our office. You are always welcome. If the door is closed, please open it.

What is our role?

We advise students on the following topics:

  • Study doubts, changing their study programme
  • Personal circumstances (illness, accident, handicap, psychological problems, problems at home)
  • Study planning
  • Honours programme, extra courses
  • Study delay
  • Requests to the examination board
  • Contacts with teachers and the student’s graduation team (chair and mentor)

We provide individual counselling for problems related to:

  • Study motivation
  • Handicap, chronical illness
  • Stress, study discipline, fear of failure
  • Choice of study
  • Graduation
  • Adapting to the Dutch language and life

We can refer to:

  • Central student counsellors for legal and financial matters and studying with a handicap
  • Student psychologists for study-related psychological problems, and training in social capabilities, assertiveness and constructive thinking
  • Student doctors for RSI treatment, vaccinations and medical statements
  • Career counsellors
  • Student counsellors elsewhere, general practitioner, external specialists

We need to be consulted on:

  • Requests for financial compensation for study delay as a result of personal circumstances
  • Study Progress Reports for the Modern Migration Policy Act
  • Combination of sports on a top level in combination with studying

 Come to us immediately if you experience personal circumstances that (may) influence your studies!