Registering for education, how does that work?

You are too late for registering for courses in the coming semester..
In that case you can not participate in courses for which registration is compulsory. Only if you are of the opinion that there were special circumstances that prevented you from proper registration during the whole registration period you can contact one of the academic counselors to speak about your possibilities.

Registering for education, how does that work?

All relevant information about registering for education can be found here.

On this website you will also find a manual for the use of Osiris.

Questions about registration for education in Osiris can be sent to the coordinator of education.

How do I register in Osiris for courses which are not in the overview on the website?

Only for courses offered by IDE registration through Osiris is needed. Information concerning courses of other faculties can be found in the digital study guide. (you can search on course codes)

For participation in a minor or elective of another faculty of the Delft University of Technology no second enrolment as student at CSa is necessary.

I registered through Studielink and in Brightspace, is that sufficient?

No, participation in courses is only possible after proper registration through osiris.

I can not find a course in Osiris.

Check if you are using the correct course code.

Every academic year some or more course codes will change. An up-to-date overview of the used codes are available om the website.

I am on a waiting list, what does that mean?

Registration for education offered by Industrial Design Engineering works through pre-registration.

Students who register for a course will be placed on a waiting list (list with pre-registrations)

When the period of pre-registration is closed, the waiting list wil be processed to final participation lists.
These participants' lists will be published two weeks before the start of the semester.

How do I register for a specialisation in Osiris?

There is no possibility to register for the specialisation Medisign in Osiris.
If you intend to specialise in this program send an e-mail to the coordinator of education.

Do I have to register in Osiris for a workshop or design contest?

In Osiris there is no registration for workshops or design contests. Offered workshops and design contests are announced through different channels (posters, website etc.).

Registration normally is coordinated by those who organise the workshop or design contest.

Do I have to register in Osiris for the graduation project?

Starting with your graduation project is for the most part coordinated by the secretariat of the chair where you will graduate.

Registration through Osiris is not applicable.

Can I register for a minor in Osiris?

Yes, since the academic year 2013-2014 registering for a minor is also done trough Osiris.

Information about the registration procedure can be found on the minor website.

If you have registered for a minor it is not necessary to register for the underlying courses.

For participation in a minor or elective of another faculty of Delft University of Technology no second enrollment as student at CSA is necessary.