Registration for MSc courses - Osiris

Read all information below thoroughly before registering.

Step 1: Determine which courses you would like to attend in the Spring semester  (both 3rd and 4th quarter).
For planning purposes use: 

  • The overview of the compulsory courses in our MSc programs including a summary of all courses  for which registration is compulsory.
  • The 2nd semester timetables. These are available in Brightspace: “My Timetable”.
  • Check your timetable for conflicts. After the registration deadline it is not possible to switch any course.
  • Course descriptions can be found in the digital study guide.
  • For questions concerning study planning you can contact one of the academic counsellors.
  • If you have any questions about or encounter any problems with registration for courses immediately contact the coordinator of education.

Step 2: Registration for IDE MSc courses in Osiris

Go to  Osiris through Brightspace (My Student info -> tab Osiris student)
In this instruction the use of Osiris concerning application for courses is described. 

  • Register for the courses you want to attend in the Spring semester (3rd and 4th quarter)
  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation for each course of your choice. Check these mails thoroughly and save them as confirmation of your registration.
  • If you do not receive an e-mail your registration was not correctly processed! Try again or contact the coordinator of education.

Admission requirements: 

  • For all degree programs at TU Delft the Bachelor-before-Master rule applies. This means that you should have completed your whole BSc program before February 9, 2020 in order to be admitted into one of our MSc programs.
  • If you expect to receive BSc results between January 5, 2020 and January 19, 2020 which are necessary to meet the admission requirements of our MSc programs contact the coordinator of education January 5, 23.59 hrs. at the latest.

    Verify timely whether all your results are adequately processed in Osiris.

If on second thought you decide not to attend a course for which you registered, you should sign out in Osiris.

Withdrawal for quarter 3 courses is possible up and until February 16.
Withdrawal for quarter 4 courses is possible up and until April 26.