Mentor system

What is the Mentor system

Our faculty has a Mentor system for both first year BSc students and new EPA, CoSEM and MOT international students. The mentor system is a way of study guidance provided by student mentors during the first six months of the programme. The mentor attends a special training on guiding mentor groups. Academic counsellors select the mentors by study progress and motivation. 

Mentor system for first year students
At the start of the first year, students are assigned to mentor groups. This is based on the registration for first year projects. Each group is given a student mentor (senior student). The group normally consists of around 10 students. Over a number of sessions, the first year students receive information about the course and about student life, they can talk to fellow students and find out about study skills. 

Mentor system for EPA, CoSEM and MOT students
At the start of the academic year, two mentors are assigned to EPA, CoSEM and MOT students: one senior international student and a senior Dutch student. Compared with the mentor system of first year students, there is more focus on sharing experiences between students.