Step 2: Kick Off Meeting

A. Project Proposal for Kick-off

You will explore the topic of your graduation project with your first supervisor and (re)write the project proposal that you developed during the module Master Thesis Preparation. Use the review form of the Master Thesis Preparation course for self-checking your project proposal.

If your first supervisor thinks that your proposal is sufficient, you can plan the Kick-off Meeting in which the full committee will meet to discuss your proposal. In principle, you need to take the lead to plan this meeting.


B. Kick-Off Meeting

First read: Preparing for kick-off (download document)

During the kick off meeting your project proposal will be discussed. All members of the committee will provide you with feedback. They will also check whether your proposal is compliant with the GDPR and Human Research Ethics (HREC) guidelines of the TU-Delft. For the HREC-form that you have to fill in, please check this page (note: you find the form under B3).

If your research involves 'sensitive' data, you will need formal approval by HREC (see step 1). Your supervisors will help advice you. After the meeting you will make a report on the feedback and revise your project proposal accordingly. The chair of your graduation committee will sign the kick-off form which has to be sent digitally to The student administration will check whether you comply with the rules for starting a graduation project (see Step 1: Start your Master Thesis Project) and informs your first supervisor on this. 

If you will conduct research at a company or other external institute, a tripartite graduation agreement has to be signed by the dean of the faculty (see Forms for the model contract). To this end, please send the draft of this contract including all annexes (including the description of your resarch) to J.B.J. Groot Kormelink.


Some companies may ask you to sign a bilateral contract of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or may not agree with our default contract. In such cases, first ask for advice.



C. Midterm meeting (optional)

In some sections, a second or concluding joint discussion is held midterm through and/or at the end of the graduation project. During this midterm meeting, you discuss the progress of your research, your timetable and further plans. Tip: make a short report of the agreements made during the meeting.

No form has to be submitted.