Step 3: Green Light Meeting

At least one week before your Green Light Meeting: submit your draft report (and the scientific paper for CoSEM students) to your graduation committee. ​You also need to upload your draft report in the master thesis module of your programme in Brightspace. You can first use the self-test to check your report for plagiarism. If necessary, you can adapt your report before uploading it to the final check. More detailed instructions on this step can be found in the master thesis module in Brightspace. Please use the model 'First page master thesis report' - see the link here below.

The Green Light Meeting takes place at least four weeks before your Graduation Presentation. The corresponding Green light form should be submitted digitally to immediately after the meeting and consequently at least 4 weeks before your graduation. We want to point out that this period of 4 weeks is in your own interest! The administration will check to see if all conditions have been fulfilled and you will have the opportunity to check your Study Progress Overview and set things right, if necessary, or to complete missing forms. 

Prerequisite: All of your master courses (except for your graduation project) have to be completed before this Green Light Meeting.


Attention: some teachers might be a bit forgetful. When you didn't receive a copy of the Green Light form after the meeting you can remind him or her politely!