Specialisations / Electives

For February-starters and Study Abroad-students in most cases it is not possible to schedule a model master specialisation/electives packages. These students have to compose a free master specialisation/electives package, which has to be approved of by the Board of Examiners. Here you find an overview of the electives offered by our faculty.

You will have to digitally fill out the Master specialisation/electives form and have it approved and signed by one of the graduation coordinators. Please find the forms on the right (CoSEM, EPA or MOT). Then you can send it digitally to the Board of Examiners  for approval. After that, the approved form will be send to the student administration for registration of the modules chosen in your MSc programme.

Please be aware that some faculties require compulsory enrolment in courses, check the digital study guide in time. For more information see: registration for courses.

Restrictions for all modules to be choosen:

  • no Bachelor courses
  • no language courses
  • no skill courses
  • no significant overlap (in terms of content with any other unit already included in your study programme)

NOTE: In case your already approved set of courses changes you'll have to fill out a new application form and have it approved again!