Insurance and vaccinations

Health insurance

In the Netherlands, you are covered for medical expenses under the terms of the Care Insurance Act and the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act. The Netherlands has set up agreements with many countries on the subject. Whether and how you are covered for medical expenses depends on your personal circumstances. For example, it is important if you are under the age of thirty, and whether you work in addition to studying. You can find more information about this on this website (in Dutch). Always check with your insurance company if you are not sure.

An important part of European health insurance is the European Health Insurance Card, which allows anyone who is insured in the European Economic Area and Switzerland to obtain healthcare fore free or at reduced cost. Ask your insurance provider for an EHIC if you do not have one. For most insurance providers, the EHIC is located on the back of your regular insurance card.

Travel insurance

After registering and filling out your contact information in MyTUDelft you are covered by the collective travel insurance of the TU Delft for the study related part of your foreign travels. The crisis centre of the insurance and, where necessary, the Dutch Embassy (or your own) will assist you in case of emergency. For further information on travel insurance please see the general TU Delft Study Abroad website.

Third party liability insurance

Legal liability insurance for private individuals provides coverage for material or physical damage that you cause third parties, such as if you crash your bicycle against a pedestrian. Damage caused by a motorized vehicle is not covered. If you possess a motorized vehicle, you will have to arrange separate third party liability insurance in the country involved.

Students in the Netherlands are usually included in their parents’ third party liability insurance policy. Every insurance company has its own terms and conditions but generally speaking, third party liability insurance applies all over the world, with coverage abroad lasting three months. Always ask your insurance company about the expenses up to which you are covered, whether it is enough for the country you will be visiting, how long the coverage is valid for, and whether you are supposed to inform them of any temporary stay in another country.

If your parents’ third liability insurance does not include you, or if the duration of coverage is not long enough, you will have to take out additional travel insurance. Note! It is very important to have third-party liability insurance, especially in countries like the United States of America and Canada, as the number of liability claims made against people in these countries, and the amounts involved, are very high.

Vaccinations and Medical examination

You are advised to contact the Student Health Care SGZ well in advance (preferably about six weeks) of your departure to make an appointment. You will need a completed and signed (by an authorised signatory) vaccination form. This form will give you a €50,00 discount. SGZ also offers a medical check-up free of charge. Additional x-rays or blood tests outside SGZ are not included.