When you want to do study or do an internship abroad, it is advisable to begin with preparations at least one year in advance. You could start by asking yourself the following general questions:

As we host students of many nationalities, it is advisable to approach students from the country you wish to visit. They can provide you with practical tips and information about their home country.

When you have decided what you want to do, you can make an appointment with the International Officer for more information and advice. 

Study abroad programmes

We offer many options to go abroad. You can do a minor, some Master courses, a (research)project or a BSc or MSc thesis project. For an overview of different programmes for studying abroad, please visit the general TU Delft Study Abroad website.

Within Europe, the most popular option for studying abroad is the ERASMUS network, which is sponsored by the European Union. Other options include (but are not limited to) ATHENS, which is a one-week international course in either November or March.

If you wish to go to a university that has no exchange agreement with the TU Delft, you may register as a ‘freemover’ student. A freemover student is an exchange (or ‘non-degree’) student, who has to pay tuition fee to the host university for the study period at that university.

For an overview of all partner universities that TPM offers, please go to Partner Universities.

Internship abroad

Within the faculty's study programmes students are offered several possibilities in the BSc and MSc to do a project or internship abroad. In the first semester of the third year of the Bachelor programme, there are several minors on offer which include a project. Alternatively, a self-composed minor is a perfect opportunity to plan a project abroad and combine that with courses to a total of 30 ECTS.

In all Master programmes the 10 EC electives/track electives can be used to do an internship abroad. More information can be obtained from the internship coordinator (Module manager J.M. Duran SPM5931 -> TPM593A as from academic year 2021-2021

During the Master thesis project of all MSc programmes in principle students have the opportunity to do part of their project at a university of other organization abroad. Check with your graduation coordinator or supervisor for more information.

You can also contact a teacher working within your field of interest. Teachers often have many contacts outside the faculty and can perhaps help you in your search for a suitable project.

For a project you are not limited to the partner universities of TPM.

Another option for finding a project is to contact the Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship (DCE). It is part of Delft University of Technology and as such part of the Delft ecosystem. This ecosystem stimulates and academically underpins entrepreneurial activities not only at Delft University of Technology but also far beyond. It contains - amongst others – the different departments of Delft University of Technology, the incubator YES!Delft, the Innovation & Impact Centre of Delft University of Technology, Science Port Holland and the city of Delft. Organizationally the DCE is embedded in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management, particularly in the capacity group Economics of Technology and Innovation.

To avoid study delay as much as possible it is highly advisable that you plan your project in such a way that you can use the summer holidays as extra time for preparation or completion of the project. Always make an appointment with your academic counsellor to discuss your study plan.

Summer schools

Aside from going abroad during your study year, you may also choose to follow courses with a Summer School. An overview can be found here.