What is MyTimetable?

For the publication of lectures and exams, the MyTimetable application is used. With this application you can make your own schedule, connect it to your agenda or just view it online. To save your personal timetable and adjust details, you have to log in with your netid. After saving your schedule also appears in the MyTUDelft app. You can read more about the different features of MyTimetable. The timetables are published per semester.

Education Spaces

Information about the education spaces is available here. You will find more information about the facilities and pictures of the education spaces.

Timetable per location or room

The availability of a room can be viewed in MyTimetable in the location view by selecting a building or the desired room. 

For reservations of rooms outside your teaching schedule, you can contact the Service Desk of a faculty or building.

For the locations outside TU Delft campus of several joint degree programmes with Leiden University and Erasmus University you can find the location/room in another application. 

Locations LST and MST in Leiden

Locations Nanobiology

Examination schedule

All locations for exams are definitive 1 week before the exam takes place and will be published in OSIRIS. The location mentioned in OSIRIS is the only correct location.


The schedule for the second semester of 2019-2020 is in concept and will be final from 15 January 2020.