Academic Counsellors TPM

As a TB, CoSEM, EPA or MOT student, you are welcome for personal advice, help and various study-related questions. The academic counsellor offers you a listening ear and does not pass judgment. All submitted issues are treated confidentially. The academic counsellor can refer you if necessary. In the A-Z index you will find a number of much-discussed topics.

Are you a MSc IE or MSc TIL student? In that case, you can contact the academic counsellor of your study programme: MSc IE or MSc TIL.


It is of great importance to inform the academic counsellors in case of illness or other special circumstances which interfere with your study. If you don’t contact the academic counsellors in time you take the risk that you cannot lay claim to special arrangements (like BSA or graduation support) afterwards.

Who are we?

If you have any questions, please contact us by email via, or You can also visit the walk-in office hours or make an online appointment. Please mention your student number.