Binding recommendation on continuation of studies

In the first year of our BSc program, a binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (BSA) of 45 EC applies. During the academic year, your progress is monitored by the academic counsellor. There are several times during this year when warnings are issued and you are expected to take action by contacting an academic counsellor. However, do not wait for this warning if you notice that things are not going the way you like and / or if there are circumstances that (could) prevent you from pursuing your study progress. You can think of family circumstances, illness, mental health issues etc.

In the event of timely reported circumstances, there is a possibility to request a postponement of BSA. A BSA committee will assess whether you are entitled to this.

More information about the BSA procedure and the request for postponement can be found at

If you have any questions after reading this website, please contact your academic counsellor.