When you have a complaint, there are several options for you to choose from. These options are briefly explained below. If you are looking for advice on which option suits your situation and your complaint, please contact the academic counsellor.

Official procedure through Board of Examinors

You can officially contest a decision with the Board of Examinors. You have to submit an official request by letter. It is wise to first discuss your request with an academic counsellor.

Mediation through an academic counsellor

Sometimes there is a difference of opinion or conflict between students or between student and teacher. In such situations, an academic counsellor can act as an impartial party and mediate.

Complaints about education

If you have a complaint about education, you can contact the BSc or the MSc education commissioner of Curius:

If this gives an unsatisfactory result, go to one of our Educational Quality Assurance employees.

Other complaints

Other complaints can be reported at:

Unwanted behaviour and confidential advisor

The study advisers do act as a confidential advisor for all students. If you still find it difficult to discuss your complaint with an impartial party, you have the option to reach our to the Confidential Advisor of TU Delft.