Exam resits

Study tips for resits

Analyze why it was not possible to pass the exam last time. If this is not clear to you, contact the examiner for an insight in the exam. Have a look at what a good strategy is to pass the course this time, together with an academic counsellor, lecturer and / or fellow student. Is it only a matter of more time and more practice or is it caused by a different way of learning / dealing with exam stress and blackouts?


When you have to take resits, it is important to take these steps for a good planning:

Step 1
Make a priority list with the subjects that are most important to pass (think of "last chance this year", "BSA standard", "start needed for project", etc.). Also take into account the possibility to move certain courses to the next exam period.

Step 2
Start with the course at the top of the list and make a to-do list per course. Ask yourself: "What do I need to do to be completely ready for the test?"

Step 3
Put the individual tasks on your calendar. This way you know what you need to finish and when to be ready for the test.

Step 4
Check if there is still room left in your agenda. If so, repeat steps 2 and 3 for the next courses on your list. This way of planning ensures that you have a good chance of actually passing the courses you are attending and that the time you invest is useful. (It is better to score a 6 for four subjects than a 4 for six subjects).