Minor and internship


You have to take a minor in the third year of the BSc programme. In the event of a study delay or a bridging minor, it is possible to spread the courses of the minor over several semesters or even years. Good planning is necessary, so make an appointment with the academic counsellor.

Choice of minor and contact information

check out minors.tudelft.nl for more information about possible minors. There you will also find the contact details for more information per minor.

Free minor TPM

The requirements for a free minor can be found on minors.tudelft.nl. You must request a free minor from the Examination Board  in advance using the “free minor” form. Keep in mind that approval by the TPM Examination Board is independent of admission to the specific minor or individual courses. You must therefore arrange this admission separately. How this should be done differs per university and study programme and we recommend you to contact the study programme of your choice. If you have any questions about this, you can contact the academic counsellor.

Minor abroad

During your BSc there is the possibility to study abroad. This way, you can take courses that you can use as a minor.


During your BSc programme you can do an internship as a free minor. Please contact the academic counsellor for more information.

For MSc students, the following applies: 

An internship is possible during your electives/specialisations programme. Please go to the ‘forms’ (graduation agreement) on the Graduation portal for TPM students.

In case you intend to obtain credits for this internship SPM5931 you will need to contact Juan Duran as the module manager (before the start of your internship) and one of the graduation coordinators, for approval to such an internship.

To have an external MSc (thesis) project/internship in a company/organisation contract signed, mail this information to Joost Groot Kormelink.

Please follow the procedures in case you expect credits for the internship. The faculty will not offer you any supervision or tutoring in case a student wishes to gain work experience without obtaining credits for it. There is are different procedures for an internship as part of the Master’s thesis project and an internship for credits as a course. In both cases you will need to contact the supervisor/module manager of the course for approval beforehand. This means you need to decide if you need the study credits for your programme and how you intend to use them.

Keep in mind that companies all have their own rules regarding internships.

Finding an internship, there are several ways to look for an internship

· talk to someone at Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship DCE

· go to http://www.integrand.nl/ or http://www.globalplacement.com/

· Commissioner Master and Career of the study association Curius (master@curius.nl) gives an overview and is in contact with a number of companies that offer, check their website: internshipshttps://curius.nl/en/career/internships

· talk to other students, who have found an internship already

· talk to one of your individual teachers about his/her contacts with industry

Check Brightspace regularly.

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