Choice of study and profession

Study choice

If you are wondering whether you are in the right place when you study at TU Delft, you can talk to the study advisor, who can think along with you and possibly advise you on questions such as:

  • Would you have chosen the wrong study?
  • Would you prefer a different faculty or even a completely different study outside of Delft?
  • Or is studying just disappointing and you are thinking of working on it?
  • Is it better to transfer to a higher professional education?

If you are unable to reach a number of meetings with the study advisor, you have the option of doing a study choice test. For this, the study adviser can refer you to a student counselor or a student psychologist.

Tools for study choice

You can follow a workshop or training:

To college

You may find the study too difficult or you don't like the way you study here. You may need more structure or the "security" of a class. In the Netherlands, the HBO Technical Business Administration course can be an alternative. You can go to the study advisor for addresses.

Profession choice

At the end or after the completion of your studies (bachelor or master) comes the moment that you have to decide on what kind of job you will apply for. Engineers generally find a job quickly. That is not the problem. The problem may be that you don't know what you want. Many teachers and professors have contacts with the professional field. So they can give you a lot of information. The study advisors can serve as a sounding board during this selection process. And if we cannot resolve it, it is also possible to refer you to a student counselor or student psychologist to have you tested.

When it comes to the job market and applying: Career Center

Useful sites

On the homepage "Starting questions about behavior at work" (Dutch only) you will find all kinds of questions about competencies that may be required in the work. You can use them to prepare you for a job interview.

On the Mind Tool site you will find "essential skills for an excellent career", a rich source of tips.