Study guidance

Welcome to the site of the academic counsellor for the BSc-SEPAM (TB), MSc-CoSEM, MSc-MOT and MSc-EPA programmes.

For personal and study related questions or problems, you can consult the academic counselor. For example: questions about illness, planning your study, problems with learning, motivational problems, individual complaints about teachers or exams, transitional arrangements, extra activities, financial arrangements, advice about your master program and career counseling. If necessary, the academic counselor can refer you to a student doctor, psychiatrist, student counselor, the examining board or external bodies.

PAY ATTENTION: in case of illness and other special situations that will slow down your study progress it's in your own interest to consult your academic counselor in an early stage. When you don’t, you can miss out on special arrangements or other special support.

Many questions about procedures, exams, marks, ISP, requests for exemption from exams and about your curriculum will be answered on the student website of TPM. Another possibility is to ask your questions at the Service point of the faculty. The Service point can refer you to the academic counselor.

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