Education Commissions

Board of Examiners

The Faculty TPM has one Board of Examiners for TPM programmes: 

  • Bachelor - Technische Bestuurskunde (TB)
  • Master - Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM)
  • Master - Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA)
  • Master - Management of Technology (MOT)


Requests for the Board of Examiners of TPM can be sent to the secretary of the Board of Examiners.

Requests must be received by the secretary at least 7 working days prior to the meeting. The academic counsellor may inform students about the proper procedure and can offer advice on the formulation of an application or request.

Secretary: ing. R. (Robbert) Kruiniger

Tasks Board of Examiners

The Examination Board has a broad range of tasks in the area of ​​examinations and examinations: 

  • Ensuring the quality of examinations and final examinations;
  • Determining guidelines and instructions within the framework of the education and examination regulations to assess and determine the results of examinations, final tests and exams;
  • Granting exemptions for taking examinations;
  • Impose sanctions for fraud;
  • Establish rules on the implementation of the above tasks and powers and on the measures that it can take in this respect;
  • The Board of Examiners  can determine under conditions to be set that not every examination has to be passed in order to establish that the examination has been successfully completed;
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the organization and the procedures for exams and examinations;
  • Granting approval to follow a free education program;
  • Issuing of certificate and diploma supplement;
  • Appointment of examiners;
  • Annually prepare an annual report and provide it to the dean;

Board of Examiners members

  • Dr. T. (Thomas) Hoppe (TB/CoSEM) (Chair)
  • Dr. G. (Gerdien) de Vries (EPA)
  • Dr. A.F. (Aad) Correljé (TB/CoSEM)
  • Dr. ir. Z. (Zenlin) Roosenboom-Kwee (MOT)
  • Dr. ir. L.J. (Laurens) de Vries (TB/CoSEM)
  • Dr. E.J.E. (Eric) Molin (TB/CoSEM)
  • Dr. ir. N.A. (Natalia) Romero Herrera (external member)

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies (OC) advises the management  of the faculty - on request or otherwise - on the quality of education and the short -and long-term policy of educational affairs. The OC annually advises on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) and Implementation Regulations (IR). The dean appoints the members. The FSR contributes the student members and the Afdelingvoorzitters do the same for the teacher-members. Students and teachers are equally represented. The discussion between teachers, students, and Directors of Studies is a central topic in the meetings. Education commissionairs of FSR and Curius receive all invitations and have access to the documents. The meetings, reports and advises of the OC are public. The OC shall ensure that the documents are accessible and make it available as needed.

The faculty TPM has two Boards of Studies:

The Faculty Student Council (FSC)

What is the Faculty Student Council?

In the Netherlands, all students have the right to have a say in their education. That is why every faculty has a Faculty Student Council (FSC): a council for and by students, which actively ensures that the student's voice is heard. Through the right of consent, the right of advice and the right of initiative, the council members can influence the faculty's policy. The FSC always strives for as much input as possible from the students. Only in this way can we form a representative body for the students. 


What can FSC do for you?

The FSC is committed to providing the best possible education for all TPM students, as well as the best educational facilities. So, if you, as a student, recognise a recurring problem with a course, have an innovative idea about how the faculty could improve, have issues in your program, have recommendations for changes in the faculty or the online environment TPM is working with, please approach the FSC! 


Who is part of the FSC?

The FSC of TPM consists of eight students, of which at least one bachelor student, one CoSEM, one EPA, one IE and one MOT. The members are yearly chosen through a democratic election in May. This year, the FSC members are:

Mark Lukacs                          Chairman 

Elie Azeufack                         External Relationships

Alihan Uzun                           BSc TB  commissioner

Berkay Onur Türk                  CoSEM commissioner

Lisette de Schipper                EPA commissioner 

Daniel Los                              IE commissioner and Secretary

Kiran Gopalakrishnan            MOT commissioner

Joost van der Wal                  Finance & Facilities


How to reach FSC?

All the FSC members are reachable via If you want to stay tuned, don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook (we also respond to social media messages).

The FSC is looking forward to your input; we’d love to hear from you!

PS: The privacy of students talking to us will be maintained with the utmost dedication. All the feedback you offer would be conveyed to the faculty on the behalf of all the students and not individually. You could get in touch with us personally, if necessary.