Education Commissions

Board of Examiners

The Faculty TPM has one Board of Examiners for TPM programmes: 

  • Bachelor - Technische Bestuurskunde (TB)
  • Master - Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM)
  • Master - Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA)
  • Master - Management of Technology (MOT)


Requests for the Board of Examiners of TPM can be sent to the secretary of the Board of Examiners.

Requests must be received by the secretary at least 7 working days prior to the meeting. The academic counsellor may inform students about the proper procedure and can offer advice on the formulation of an application or request.

Secretary: ing. R. (Robbert) Kruiniger

Tasks Board of Examiners

The Examination Board has a broad range of tasks in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexaminations and examinations: 

  • Ensuring the quality of examinations and final examinations;
  • Determining guidelines and instructions within the framework of the education and examination regulations to assess and determine the results of examinations, final tests and exams;
  • Granting exemptions for taking examinations;
  • Impose sanctions for fraud;
  • Establish rules on the implementation of the above tasks and powers and on the measures that it can take in this respect;
  • The Board of Examiners  can determine under conditions to be set that not every examination has to be passed in order to establish that the examination has been successfully completed;
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the organization and the procedures for exams and examinations;
  • Granting approval to follow a free education program;
  • Issuing of certificate and diploma supplement;
  • Appointment of examiners;
  • Annually prepare an annual report and provide it to the dean;

Board of Examiners members

  • Prof. dr. R.W. (Rolf) Kunneke (EPA) (voorzitter)
  • Dr. G. (Gerdien) de Vries (EPA)
  • Dr. ir. U. (Udo) Pesch (MoT)
  • Dr. ir. Z. (Zenlin) Roosenboom-Kwee (TB/MoT)
  • Dr. M.E. (Martijn) Warnier (TB/SEPAM)
  • Dr. ir. L.J. (Laurens) de Vries (TB/SEPAM)
  • Dr. ir. Romero Herrera, N.A. (external member)

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies (OC) advises the management  of the faculty - on request or otherwise - on the quality of education and the short -and long-term policy of educational affairs. The OC annually advises on the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) and Implementation Regulations (IR). The dean appoints the members. The FSR contributes the student members and the Afdelingvoorzitters do the same for the teacher-members. Students and teachers are equally represented. The discussion between teachers, students, and Directors of Studies is a central topic in the meetings. Education commissionairs of FSR and Curius receive all invitations and have access to the documents. The meetings, reports and advises of the OC are public. The OC shall ensure that the documents are accessible and make it available as needed.

The faculty TPM has two Boards of Studies:

The Faculty Student Council (FSC)

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) and Curius are structural visitors. To contact the FSR-representative of the Board of Studies, you can send an email: 

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) is the highest consultanty body for students of TPM. We represent their interests on various topics, for instance, the policy of the faculty, strategic issues and facilities. The council is elected annually and consists of seven students who commit themselves to represent the students of the TPM faculty in the best possible way.
The FSC is particularly involved in policy development. They have the right to give advice on the budget programs of the faculty and the right of approval on education. Also, the FSC has the right of approval on the examination regulations (OER) and on the implementing regulations (UR). The FSC has a monthly meeting with the dean, the director Education and the head of Education and Student Affairs. In addition, one member of the FSC participates in the Management Team of the faculty.