If you study at TU Delft, you can use email and calendar.

What is it?

  • All students have a TU Delft e-mail address, calendar, and mailbox.
  • TU Delft will send formal communication about and around your studies via this mail address. It is therefore important that you read your mail at this address regularly.
  • Every student is allocated a standard mailbox of 50 GB.
  • If you stop studying at TU Delft, you can still use your e-mail address for 3 months. After 90 days, the NetID is automatically terminated and data and mail are no longer accessible. After that, data and mail are deleted.

How it works

  • Use the Outlook desktop app. See the manuals for setting up Outlook.
  • Webmail is available via outlook.office.com.
  • Outlook is the default mail client for Windows and Apple at TU Delft. For Linux, it is Evolution. It is not (any longer) possible to reach your mailbox via the IMAP protocol. This protocol is outdated and does not meet TU Delft security requirements.
  • Automatic forwarding of e-mail is not permitted.
  • Access to TU Delft e-mail is secured with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). View the manual for setting up MFA and using the Authenticator app here.
  • It is not allowed to save .pst files in OneDrive. View the manual on archiving your mail online


Terms of delivery

  • For support, you can log a call in the Self Service Portal or visit the Service Point in your building. 
  • Donโ€™t use email as storage. See TU Delft's Security and Privacy page for information on how to use your email securely.