What does it mean?

If you are registered at TU Delft, you will automatically have access to a calendar, an email address and the ability to send and receive mail.

How does it work?

Log in at your workstation using your NetID and password. TU Delft uses Outlook as the default mail application for Windows and Apple. For Linux, the default mail application is Thunderbird.

  • All students receive an email address from TU Delft in the form of 
  • name information@student.tudelft.nl, where the name information is a combination of initials, prefixes and surname: J.J.deGroot@student.tudelft.nl.
  • This address is linked to a so-called mailbox, which has a size of 512 MB (= 0.5 Gigabyte). Students receive 500MB. A 'fair use policy' applies to the mailbox. Increase of the mail quota (1GB) can be requested at the Service Desk.
  • TU Delft will also send formal communication about and around your study via this email address. It is therefore important that you read your mail regularly.
  • As long as you are studying at TU Delft, all email will be stored. The same applies to personal data.
  • If you graduate, data and mail will be accessible via the NetID for 90 days after the end date of the contract or the end date of the registration.
  • After 90 days, the NetID is automatically closed and the data and the mail are no longer accessible via the NetID. After that, data and mail will be deleted. It is therefore advisable to store your personal data and email, for example on a USB stick, and to take it with you if the relationship with TU Delft is about to be broken.