What does it mean?

E-Service is an electronic platform at the TU Delft. The platform gives access to everyone to check their personal information regarding their relationship with the TU Delft, how this information is published and how this information is shared with third parties. It is also the platform where everyone can manage their businesses regarding their electronic identity (NetID).  

E-Service is accessible via https://e-service.tudelft.nl             

  • Students have a relationship with the TU Delft: An enrolment for an education. It is possible to have multiple enrolments. In E-services, all active enrolments are shown.
  • Upon enrolment, a status will be given. This status gives information on the current phase of the enrolment. The possible options are:
    • Application, meaning that the person has applied for an application.
    • Incomplete, the enrolment is being processed, but certain information is missing. For example, the diploma of the previous  education or payment information.
    • Complete, meaning that the application is complete.
  • On E-Services it is not possible to change any information regarding the enrolment. Instead, go to the Contact Centre ESA or to Studielink.
  • Your mobile phone number is the only change you can make via E-Service. To update your mobile phone number, you need to be on campus.
  • Your passport photo can be uploaded and changed via my.tudelft.nl.