1. The offer of the laptop project is open to all TU Delft students and employees (private use only).
2. The offer is meant for personal use. You are not allowed to resell your laptop to a third party.
3. Purchase of these configurations for business use (with a Baan code) of employees is not possible. The purchase of business configurations should conform to the rules of the EU procurement.
4. You are each allowed to buy one laptop during this laptopproject, as long as the stock lasts.
5. You should remove all software downloaded from the software portal, once you leave TU Delft (end of your studies or end of your contract).
6. Please note that you will have a sales agreement with Computacenter, the fulfilment supplier and not with the university. Any questions about ordering, payment or delivery should be directed to Computacenter.
7. The buyer of the laptop will receive an invoice containing all relevant information about the purchase. This invoice is also the guarantee certificate. 

These rules are drawn up so the university can continue a sharp offer in the future. Violation of these rules will not be tolerated.