Printing, scanning and copying

What does it mean?

Every printer on the campus can be used for printing, scanning, and copying.

  • You can print and copy in colour or black-and-white on A3 or A4. For other formats you go to the copy shop.
  • Use your campus card or log in using your NetID and password to use the printers, otherwise they will not work.
  • Using Follow-me, you can print your documents on any connected multi-functional device (usually within one building).
  • Use Scan-to-me to send your scanned documents to your email address.


Students pay using their campus card. You upgrade your credit on the Xerox Portal.

Print large formats and quantities
If you work with large formats (plotting) and large quantities, please contact the Copie-Sjop in BK City. For more information, visit

How does it work?

You can print via the Xerox Portal.  

You are not permitted to change the settings of the paper drawers or use your own overhead projector sheets or stickers. Using the wrong items could seriously damage the equipment. If you would like to use them, you should contact the Service Desk.

The supply of toner and paper is monitored via the network and is filled up in good time. If no paper or toner is available, you should contact the Service Desk.