It is possible to ask your internship questions during the physical consultation afternoon on Mondays from 13:00 to 16:00 in room C-4-260!

Doing an internship is a good way to experience the every day practice of industrial design engineering. In the Bachelor you can do the minor Internship (IO3820-15). You will have 18 weeks to decide for yourself which Master you want to do, or if you rather prefer to go working immediately after your Bachelor. Under the tab 'Minor Internship' you will find more information. Read the manual carefully! This explains very well what is expected from you before, during and after the internship.

Internship (ID5010) is part of the master elective courses of Industrial Design Engineering. You will find more information under the tab 'Master Internship'. Read the manual carefully! This explains very well what is expected from you before, during and after the internship. An internship during your Master should last at least 10 weeks.

Companies and organisations which are interested can find information on internships in the manual for internship companies

On this webpage you can also find the current offer of internships for IDE students, under the tab 'Internship Opportunities'. You can also find these on the board in the hall of the faculty, to the right of the Applied Labs. Moreover, you will find interesting tips and links under the other tabs on this website. If you have any questions after reading the manual, you can contact Jolanda van Domburg via

Due to the great uncertainty about the development and spread of the COVID-19 virus, worldwide and no longer being able to fall back on government and business travel insurance for repatriation, decisions about internships, graduation and research projects abroad are made by the Executive Board.

Valid from 1 April 2022
The TU Delft Executive Board has decided to allow internship/thesis/research project/field work abroad. Students can travel to green and yellow coded countries. TU Delft does not allow travel to orange and red coded countries because these colours refer to very serious safety risks. TU Delft's policy is based on the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Each travel advice has a rating that indicates how safe a country or area is. This is done with a colour code. There are four colour codes: green (no particular safety and security risks), yellow (pay attention: safety and security risks), orange (only necessary trips, do not travel) and red (life-threatening situation due to very serious safety risks, do not travel). The colours give an idea of whether there is a security threat in the country or area.
This document  (disclaimer) provides you with important information highlighting the potential risks, if you should decide to go abroad as a part of your TU Delft study programme.

More information can be found on Government of the Netherlands. and the central TU Delft internship abroad website.

For more information about further conditions, please contact the internship coordinator (

NOTE: Please read the disclaimer carefully!

Enrolment for Minor Internship IO3820-15 and Master Internship ID5010 goes through MyTUDelft Osiris Case (see the white block below). Read the manual carefully before applying.

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