Internship contract

UNL Internship agreement

For all internships that start after 1 January 2023, it is mandatory within TU Delft to use the internship agreement drawn up by the UNL (Universities of the Netherlands) for internships at companies/organizations in the Netherlands. For internships abroad, you also use this internship agreement as much as possible.

For non-EU/EEA students this UNL internship agreement is needed in accordance with the rules of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) and the inspectorate SZW (Social Affairs and Employment) so you don’t need an Work permit during the internship period. The so called 'Nuffic agreement' is no longer necessary.

Your IDE internship cannot start before your UNL internship agreement has been completed and signed by you, the authorized signatory of your internship company and by the internship coordinator of the faculty. Nothing needs to be arranged for ongoing internship agreements.

The UNL contract and explanation can be found on this page below.
We will use the following steps at the Faculty of IDE to sign the UNL contract:

1. Register your internship via Osiris Case for approval;
2. You will receive this substantive approval by e-mail. After substantive approval, you can
     complete and sign the UNL agreement together with the supervisor of the internship 
3. You then ensure that the UNL agreement is signed by the authorized signatory of your
     internship company/organization;
4. Send the UNL agreement signed by you and the internship company to for signature by TU Delft.
5. You will then receive official permission to start your internship by e-mail and you will
    receive the signed contract back. Share the UNL agreement signed by all parties with
    your internship company.

The internship agreement will only be used if your internship is part of your study programme. This means that TU Delft will not sign up for an internship that you do in addition to your study program (extracurricular).

Background information UNL internship agreement:
As indicated in the University of the Netherlands publication the UNL internship agreement was established after consultation between the Dutch universities, student organizations and the business community.
The internship agreement is based on Dutch law and takes into account sector-specific agreements that apply to university education.
In the UNL internship agreement, the independent teaching position of the university, the interests of the intern and the interests of the internship company are respected so that all parties can feel safe to sign this internship agreement without the intervention of (external) legal expertise.

Below are the links to the internship agreement drawn up by the UNL and accompanying explanation:
UNL internship agreement Dutch
UNL explanation internship agreement Dutch
UNL internship agreement ENG
UNL explanation internship agreement

If you still have questions about this subject after reading all the information, please send an email with your specific question and relevant information (full name, student number, internship company, desired start date) to the internship coordinator of the Faculty of IDE.

Please note: an internship agreement does not equal a graduation contract! Different rules and requlations apply to internships and graduation.