Internship contract

It's good practice to draw up an internship agreement to protect yourself and the company. You can use the standard agreement of the TU Delft or the company can supply one. The contract is available in Dutch and English with accompanying explanation. You need 2 copies of the agreement, signed by both parties. Each party gets one fully signed contract. The university is not part of the agreement and the internship coordinator will not sign a contract.

For standard Nuffic contract with supplementary IDE agreement (only for non –EU/EEA BSc or MSc intern students) please contact the internship coordinator.

When you make use of a contract supplied by the company and you are not really sure if you should sign please contact Michelle Nahumury, 015-2783305.

Please note: an internship agreement does not equal a graduation contract! Different rules and requlations apply to internships and graduation. Are you looking for an example contract for your graduation? Look under downloads on the Graduation page.

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