Calendar Graduation ceremonies

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If you would like to join a graduation ceremony, please contact the graduate or ask the secretariat of the chair for the link of the online ceremony.


Melek Akan

Chair: Prof.dr. P.P.M. Hekkert

Mentor: Dr. J.H. Vroon

Title: Designing unique emotions for autonomous delivery robots

15 September, 14:00, Online


Jasper Dielemans

Chair: Ir. J.W. Hoftijzer

Mentor: D.I. Brand

Title: Ambulance drones in The Netherlands: a vision + concept design for 2035

17 September, 10:45, Location to be determined


Sanne van Vilsteren

Chair: Dr. S. Ghodrat

Mentor: E.L. Doubrovski

Title: Designing magnetic soft materials for 4D printing

20 September, 15.45, Norbert Roozenburg hall


Freek Berden

Chair: MSc J.J.F. van Dam

Mentor: Ir. A.L.M. Minnoye

Title: Hybrid fabrication for transcended manufacturing

20 September, 13:45, Wim Crouwel hall


Yunjao Li

Chair: Prof. A. Bozzon

Mentor: Prof. P.J. Stappers

Title: Explore a new book discovery experience in the public library

21 September, 10:30, Online


Derek van der Ploeg

Chair: L.W.L. Simonse

Mentor: Ir. N. Stoimenova

Title: The potential loss of self-representation in AI video hiring interviews

23 September, 15:45, IDE Arena


Mara Janssen

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: MSc S. Bakker - Wu

Title: A guiding idea tool

24 September, 13:45, IDE Arena


Rucha Khot

Chair: M.S. Kleinsmann

Mentor: Dr. K.H. Kim

Title: Supporting pregnant women with gestational hypertension when bringing about diet change

27 September, 10:30, IDE Arena


Sara Schippers

Chair: S. Hiemstra – van Mastrigt

Mentor: G. Pasman

Title: Get inspired: a MaaS journey planner sparking travellers with endless personalized travel possibilities

27 September, 13:34, IDE Arena


Julie Arkes

Chair: Prof.dr. E. Karana

Mentor: Dr. P. D’Olivo

Title: Living narratives

28 September, 13:45, IDE Arena


Lorena Hurtado Alvarez

Chair: Dr. R.A. Price

Mentor: Prof.dr. H.M.J.J. Snelders

Title: Don't let the box out! A holistic approach to capturing material with recycling potential in the e-commerce sector

28 September, 15:45, Wim Crouwel hall


Lotte Fontijne

Chair: S.F.J. Flipsen

Mentor: C.A. Bakker

Title: Improving reparability in cordless vacuum cleaners

28 September, 15:30, Wim Crouwelhall


Regina Aukes

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Ir. N. Stoimenova

Title: Implementation of change in the municipality

29 September, 13:45, location to be determined


Lievijn Hagenaars

Chair: Ing. A.J.C. van der Helm

Mentor: Ir. S. van Dommelen

Title: Freedom in creating families - A design speculation about the influences of technology on our reproductive futures and families in 2050

30 September, 13:45, Wim Crouwelhall


Poornashri Kandade

Chair: M. van der Bijl - Brouwer

Mentor: A.P.O.S. Vermeeren

Title: Making Intangible Cultural Heritage relevant to the Youth

30 September, 15:45, IDE Arena


Priyanka Shah

Chair: M.A. Voûte

Mentor: A.I. Keller

Title: Accelerating twin transitions through liminal strategies

30 September, 13:45, IDE Arena 


Vitto Bonnemayers

Chair: Ir. J.W. Hoftijzer

Mentor: Ir. W. Kets

Title: Genesis Symbiosis: Luxury mobility reimagined for a more sustainability-oriented future

30 September, 15:45, Joost van der Grintenhall


Jose Martinez Castro

Chair: Prof.dr. E. Karana

Mentor: Dr. J. Wu

Title: Exploring animated textiles using pneumatic actuators: A design toolkit

1 October, 13:45, IDE Arena


Celine Hoogendijk

Chair: D.N. Nas

Mentor: MSc J. Garcia Mateo

Title: Leveraging Design Thinking to Support Internal Agile Software Development: A Case Study

6 October, 08:45, Hans Dirkenroom


Yen-Heng Chang

Chair: J. Bourgeois

Mentor: Dr. N. Cila

Title: Design for information flow between data scientists and researchers in Ford

7 October, 10:45, Bernd Schierbeekhall