Calendar Graduation ceremonies

Starting from March 23rd, all graduation ceremonies will proceed online. Chairs, mentors and students will be informed by the department of Education and Student Affairs (ESA).

Visit the TU Delft webpage regarding the coronavirus for an update.

If you would like to join a graduation ceremony, please contact the graduate or ask the secretariat of the chair for the link of the online ceremony


Tjark Roozendaal

 Chair: Prof.dr. P. Vink

Mentor: Ing. M. Verwaal

Title: Soft Robotic Seating with Variable Softness

12 May, 13:45, Online


Allison Sparks

Chair: Prof.dr. P.P.M. Hekkert

Mentor: Prof.dr. P.A. Lloyd

Title: Increasing political activism in America through design intervention

12 May, 15:00, Online


Falko den Herder

Chair: J.E. Oberdorf

Mentor: W. Kets

Title: Multi-use E-bike for a post pandemic era

17 May, 14:00, Online


Luc Engels

Chair: Ir. R.J.H.G. van Heur
Mentor: Ir. M. Smulders
Title: Design driven risk of mitigation of work related hand-arm vibrations
17 May, 15:30, Online


Jesse Holierhoek

Chair: Dr. S. Ghodrat

Mentor: MSc. S.R. Dehli

Title: Designing 3D printed deployable structures with Shape Memory Polymers

17 May, 09:30, Online


Henrique Meyrelles

Chair: J.D. Lomas

Mentor: M.H. Sonneveld

Title: Facilitating social interactions for sustained wellbeing in a digital campus life

18 May, 14:00, Online


Anniek de Bock

 Chair: Prof.dr. P.J. Stappers

Mentor: Ir. S.S. Mulder

Title: Towards a collaborative jeugdhulp system in Renkum: Fostering connection and interaction between stakeholders within youth care services through design

19 May, 10:45, online


Diederik Sonneveld

Chair: Dr. E. Karana

Mentor: Ing. A. Kooijman

Title: Living with Cacophony

19 May, 14:00, Online


Philip Mossman

Chair: J. van Erp

Mentor: H.M.J.J. Snelders

Title: Design interventions on a systemic level: A provocative design concept for the music industry

19 May, 13:45, online


Elisabeth Martin

Chair: R. Mugge

Mentor: Dr. A. Polyportis

Title: E-nvironmentally friendly: A design tool towards positive consumer perception of recycled plastic in electronic products

21 May, 15:45, Online


Jordan Kelly

Chair: Dr. T. Huysmans

Mentor: S.M. Persaud

Title: 3D printing for frugal innovation in Kenya: The design of a hand grip tool

21 May, 15:00, Online


Yuxin Chu

Chair: A. Bozzon

Mentor: H. Verma

Title: Describing images to visually impaired users: A requirement elicitation approach

25 May, 17:00, Online


David The

Chair: J.C. Diehl


Title: Support system design for digital aid product 121: A case study on digital aid for undocumented migrants in the Netherlands

27 May, 16:00, Online


Jim Unterweger

Chair: Ing. A.J.C. van der Helm

Mentor: Ir. I.R. Smit

Title: EverydAI: An AI assistant supporting balance between work and personal activities to increase wellbeing in the home office

27 May, 15:45, Online


Tiffany Clein

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Ir. R.B.R. van den Berge

Title: Creating a go-to-market strategy for the circular start-up Caffe Inc.

31 May, 14:30, Online



Shuyan Zhuang

Chair: Ir. I.A. Ruiter

Mentor: Ir. G. Wang

Title: A tool for informal caregiver to improve personalized nursing experience

31 May, 15:00, Online


Elvira Kok

Chair: Dr. G. Calabretta

Mentor: Dr. D. Keyson

Title: A platform to facilitate the collaboration within CLT Amsterdam and  connected CLT’s

4 June, 09:30, Online


Jolien Sillekens

Chair: Dr. M.W.A. Wijntjes

Mentor: K.G. Heijne MSc

Title: A haptic language design to enhance the transfer of tacit knowledge

4 June, 13:45, Online