Calendar Graduation ceremonies


Jaap Tjebbes

Chair: M. van der Bijl – Brouwer

Mentor: Ir. P. Jongerius

Title: Demystifying the innovative character of the Marineterrein

3 April, 13:45, Wim Crouwel hall


Nelson van de Kar

Chair: Dr. S.C. Pont

Mentor: Ir. M.C. Havranek

Title: Digital manufacturing in lighting design: Brightening nursing homes with natural and lively wall panels

5 April, 10:45, Bernd Schierbeekhall


Daphne Stukker

Chair: Prof.dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: Dr. R.A. Price

Title: Beyond conscious consumers and premium brands: A denim coalition that unites low-budget retailers to improve sustainability communication for the mass market

5 April, 13:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall



Sytze van der Wolk

Chair: J.I. van Kuijk

Mentor: Ir. G.H. Berghuis

Title: Towards collaborative change in the textile industry

6 April, 15:45, Pulse hall 2


Darcy de Jongh

Chair: J.I. Kuijk

Mentor: MSc J Coelen

Title: The road towards a new urban mobility system: a strategic view on the future of Tiler

6 April, 13:45, Pulse Technology


Rins Lindeman

Chair: P.M.A. Desmet

Mentor: M. Filippi

Title: Wearing black when feeling blue

6 April, 13:45, Pulse hall 9


Maureen Sanchez de Boeve

Chair: M.H. Sonneveld

Mentor: Ir. C.P.J.M. Kroon

Title: Creating room for anticipatory grief: Enabling adult children to reflect on the impact of having a parent living with dementia

6 April, 13:45, Pulse Square


Dorrit Bueters

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: Ir. W. Brouwer

Title: An educational tool to teach problem solving skills to Lamunian primary school learners

11 April, 13:45, Pulse hall 1


Anna Vinke

Chair: Dr. G. Calabretta

Mentor: J.M.L. van Engelen

Title: Elevating design in a service providing corporate

11 April, 15:45, IDE Arena


Javier Dinten Fernandez

Chair: Prof. Dr. H.J. Hultink

Mentor: MSc. J. Coelen

Title: Connecting New Generations with a Legacy Brand: Designing a Theme-Based Innovation Process for the Heineken Lab

13 April, 10:45, Hans Dirken zaal, IDE Faculty


Lotte Peeters Weem

Chair: E.D. van Grondelle

Mentor: S.C.M. Brand-de Groot

Title: Creating a vision and design for the 2030 Mercedes-Benz EQS through applying 13 Fundamental Needs

14 April, 10:45, Joost van der Grinten, IDE Faculty


Júlia Pongrátz

Chair: Prof. dr. ir. J.C. Diehl

Mentor: Anna Ruiter

Title: Stimulating waste separation in the Intensive Care Unit

14 April, 13:45, Hall 6, PULSE


Emma Linders

Chair: J.C. Diehl

Mentor: Ir. S. van Dommelen

Title: YpsoMate Refill: Concept design of a reusable self-injection device for the circular economy

14 April, 15:45, Pulse hall 5


Rindu Hoeksema

Chair: L.W.L. Simonse

Mentor: A. Albayrak

Title: Developing a hands-free video microscope concept for monitoring skin microcirculation in ICU patients

17 April, 15:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall


Eleonora Laureijs

Chair: Dr. ir. E.L. Doubrovski

Mentor: Dr. M. Ozdemir

Title: Investigating Foaming Materials in 3D Printing: An Application for Motorcycle Helmets

18 April, 10:45, Hans Dirken zaal, IDE Faculty


Bob de Reus

Chair: Dr. S. Ghodrat

Mentor: S.N. Paus-Buzink

Title: Improve the wrist mobility of STIL’s anti tremor orthosis

18 April, 13:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall


Bram Jansen

Chair: Dr. P. Cankurtaran

Mentor: Prof. dr. H.J. Hultink

Title: How to “Make It Pop”: Developing a tool to receive more effective client feedback on strategy and design in a creative agency

20 April, 13:45, Hall 8, PULSE


Margriet Klinckhamers

Chair: Prof. dr. ir. J. van Engelen

Mentor: ir. W. Brouwer

Title: Designing the Information Journey: an engaging approach to guide an airline organisation in adequate information transfer to their contact centre staff

24 April, 13:45, Studio 23/24, IDE Faculty


Jeroen Lieveloo

Chair: Dr. J.H. Boyle

Mentor: Dr. J.H. Vroon

Title: Developing a termite-like builder swarm stimulator for experimentation and validation of control strategies for emergent behaviour

28 April, 13:45, Hall 4, Pulse


Judith Meijer

Chair: Prof. Dr. D.V. Keyson

Mentor: D.P. Peck

Title: ‘Tiny Impact’
Looking at tiny houses as a springboard to reduce the reliance on critical raw materials and fossil fuels in the human-building-interaction

4 May, 10:45, Hall A Leonardo Da Vinci, 3ME