Calendar Graduation ceremonies


Yongqing Fei

Chair: Dr. S.U. Boess

Mentor: Dr. ir. N.J.H. Vegt

Title: Accessible mobile payment for people with visual impairments – An inclusive design project with ING

28 November, 15:45, IDE Arena


Qing Sheng

Chair: Dr. Y. Song

Mentor: MSc. L. Goto

Title: Ultra-personalized Breast Pumps: Reducing Discomfort and Improving Breast Pumping Experience

29 November, 8:45, IDE Arena


Ming Lieu

Chair: Dr. ir. J. Bourgeois

Mentor: Dr. M.W.A. Wijntjes

Title: Designing for habit formation of device regulated breathing exercises

29 November, 13:45, PULSE Hall 1


Bente Arts

Chair: Dr. H. McQuillan

Mentor: Ir. C. Kroon

Title: Unfolding circular techno-aesthetics: An exploration of shape change through woollen woven textile-forms

30 November, 15:45, Joost van der Grinten, IDE Faculty


David van Rijn

Chair: Dr. ir. Z. Doubrovski

Mentor: Dr. ir. W. Elkhuizen

Title: 3D Printed Fluidic Interfaces

8 December, 8:45, Pulse Hall 2


Kim Adriaanse

Chair: Dr. J.J. Kraal

Mentor: Dr. ir. N.J.H. Vegt

Title: Increasing the physical activity performed by older adults with an intellectual disability, using a co-creative design approach

9 December, 13:45, Joost van der Grinten, IDE Faculty


Justus Hermans

Chair: Dr. ir. J.I. van Kuijk

Mentor: Ir. W.F. Kets

Title: Designing a durable in-car interface for future Lightyear models: An User-Centered solution towards obsolescence of the user-experience

12 December, 15:45, Wim Crouwel, IDE Faculty


Barbara Vroom

Chair: Dr. H.L. McQuillan

Mentor: MSc. E.A.A. Soerjo

Title: Exploration and development of 3d weaving as a more sustainable way to produce a denim jacket

16 December, 13:45, SQUARE PULSE


Veerle Koot

Chair: Dr. ir. J.C. Diehl

Mentor: Prof. dr. ir. M.S. Kleinsmann

Title: Towards a Circular ICE: How to successfully implement reusable video laryngoscopes

16 December, 15:45, PULSE Hall 2


Anne Arzberger

Chair: Prof. dr. E. Giaccardi

Mentor: Dr. M.L. Lupetti

Title: Creating Monsters: crafting ambiguous child toys through reflexive designer-AI interactions

16 December, 12:45, Joost van der Grinten, IDE Faculty


Ilse Calis

Chair: Dr. Ir. W. Elkhuizen

Mentor: Dr. ir. E. Doubrovski

Title: A digital workflow for 3D printed full-colour ocular prosthetics

16 December, 15:45, Joost van der Grinten, IDE Faculty


Carine van Loon

Chair: Dr. ir. M. van der Bijl - Brouwer

Mentor: Dr. M.G. Gonçalves

Title: Shifting perspectives: Applying systemic design to strategise long-term impact for parents of children with special needs

19 December, 13:45, Bernd Schierbeekzaal, IDE Faculty

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