Calendar Graduation ceremonies


T. Hogeveen

Chair: Prof. Dr. Peter Vink

Mentor: Elmer van Grondelle

Title: Influence of cognitive ergonomics on car sharing

8 December, 10:45, Joost van der Grinten



Thirza Dini Catharina Hol

Chair: Prof. dr. J. Dankelman

Mentor: MSc. J.S. Broadhead

Title: Introducing a Laparoscopic Camera Holder for Low Resource Settings in India

12 December, 08:45, Emile Truijen


E. Lin

Chair: Ir. A.G.C. van Boeijen

Mentor: MSc. Brink, N. van den

Title: Establishing a healthy financial climate for people in debt with a different cultural background in the Randstad

14 December, 13:45, Pulse Hall 3


F.A. Eichelsheim

Chair: Dr. ir. S.C. Mooij

Mentor: Dr. A. Polyportis

Title: From ambivalent to ambassador - communicating the benefits of e-grocery delivery to transform latent loyalty into absolute loyalty

14 December, 13:45, Pulse Hall 5


L. Sonneveld

Chair: Prof. Dr. Pieter Jan Stappers

Mentor: Ir. Katrina Heijne

Title: Accommodating Individual Play Preferences of Preschoolers in Design Education Focused on Spatial Ability

18 December, 10:45, Bernd Schierbeek


D. Kreuk

Chair: Dr. ir. Gert Pasman

Mentor: Ir. Willemijn Brouwer

Title: Mijn Zorgpad, An intervention to empower youngsters in decision making during GGZ therapy.

19 December, 15:45, Wim Crouwel


Y. Wang

Chair: Prof. Dr. J.A.C. Rietjens

Mentor: MA. T. Wang

Title: Develop and evaluate a web-based design guide for improving the digital patient experience

20 December, 10:45, Pulse Hall 7