Calendar Graduation ceremonies


Jacoba Seminck

Chair: Dr. I.J. Mulder

Mentor: M.R. van den Bergh

Title: Towards an inclusive and circular HUB

13 May, 13:45, IDE Arena


Alix Jansen

Chair: Dr. M. Goncalves

Mentor: Ir. K.G. Heijne

Title: Understanding reverging in visual thinking

17 May, 13:45, IDE Arena


Ruben Schols

Chair: E.D. van Grondelle

Mentor: S.C.M. Brand – de Groot

Title: A concept and vision for Mercedes-Benz EQ: Reimagining our time spent in sustainable luxury cars in 2035

18 May, 15:45, Bernd Schierbeek hall


Mitchel Puglia

Chair: S. Hiemstra – van Mastrigt

Mentor: Prof.dr. G. Kortuem

Title: Seamless travel: integrating public and shared mobility

19 May, 13:45, location to be determined


Carolijn Schrijver

Chair: C.A. Bakker

Mentor: R. Mugge

Title: Services model for the adoption of washable diapers

19 May, 15:45, Joost van der Grintenhall


Joop Dirrix

Chair: Prof.dr. A.R. Balkenende

Mentor: Ir. S. van Dommelen

Title: Circular IoT: Longer lasting wireless sensor nodes for industrial applications

24 May, 10:45, Joost van der Grintenhall


Leyre Julian Villena

Chair: Ir. A.G.C. van Boeijen

Mentor: Dr. V.T. Visch

Title: Cultural variations in health programs between Spain and the Netherlands and how to attune to them

24 May, 10:45, Pulse hall 8


Adriaan Przespolewski

Chair: Prof.dr. A.R. Balkenende

Mentor: MSc A.M. Willemen

Title: Blade Barrier: Sound barriers from decommissioned wind turbine blades

24 May, 15:45, Joost van der Grintenhall


Joost Remmerswaal

Chair: W.F. van der Vegte

Mentor: Ir. A.L.M. Minnoye

Title: FEA analysis of the Tree Heat Pump

25 May, 13:30, Bernd Schierbeek hall


Gaby Ghusen

Chair: S. Hiemstra – van Mastrigt

Mentor: S.C. Mooij

Title: A roadmap for the implementation of mobility hubs to support citizens towards more sustainable travel behaviour

30 May, 13:45, Pulse Square


Arvind Choenni

Chair: Dr. J.D. Lomas

Mentor: MSc. T.A. Houtman

Title: Design engagement for the recharge app to guide and motivate users throughout the program

3 June, 15:45, IDE Arena


Erika Hajdu

Chair: P.M.A. Desmet

Mentor: H. Ertürkan

Title: Emotional first aid for broken hearts; translating psychological strategies into a tangible form

7 June, 15:45, Wim Crouwel hall

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