Graduation opportunities

The projects / assignments in this list have not been screened or approved by the faculty yet. The descriptions are as submitted by clients. Students should actively examine whether it will be possible to develop a project into a suitable Graduation Assignment.

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Graduation opportunities

2021-01-15 | Graduation Opportunity Motivational data for kids with progressive muscle diseases, Yumen Bionics

Yumen Bionics is looking for a graduating student who is interested in developing a (digital or physical) concept design to communicate digital data to children with a progressive muscle disease in a meaningful way.

2021-01-15 | Graduation Opportunity Dutch Police, TU Delft

The Dutch police is searching for out-of-the-box solutions to support their innovation roadmap to engage all employees in their organisational structure.

2021-01-08 | Graduation Opportunity Social Interaction in flexible offices, TU Delft

The goal of this graduation project is to find ways to effectively enhance face-to-face interactions that contribute to the social well-being of flexible office employees.

2021-01-08 | Graduation Opportunity Maatbril 3D scanner, TU Delft

The goal of this project is to design and develop a customized 3D head-scanner for a medical application. The best match would be with a student who is interested in ergonomics, 3D scanning and medesign and who would like to make a scanner that will help hundreds of children with pathologies.

2021-01-08 | Graduation Opportunity Design for physical durability of Electrical and Electronic products, TU Delft

The goal of this project is to identify design principles and features that influence the physical durability of product (for instance by conducting forensic engineering analysis) to determine the cause of failures on different product, and possibly use this information to design a product with optimized lifetime.

2021-01-08 | Graduation Opportunity Design for Reassembly of Electrical and Electronic products, TU Delft

The aim of this project is to identify design features and principles that facilitate reassembly of product, and see how this differs from disassembly in general during a repair process. One or more electronic product groups may be chosen for case study (ideally smartphones, Smart TV, vacuum cleaners and washing machine).

2021-00-00 | Graduation Opportunity Template

2020-12-23 | Graduation Opportunity Ergonomically Ideal Desk Chair, Zon&Hoofd

The goal of this graduation project is to research the connection between the human physical form and its ideal chair, finding out the role of specific body measurements and personal taste.

2020-12-23 | Afstudeeropdracht Multifunctionele ruimte in het ziekenhuis, UMC Utrecht

Het UMC Utrecht is op zoek naar een afstudeerder die geïnteresseerd is in het ontwikkelen van een multifunctionele ruimte voor ontspanning in het ziekenhuis.

2020-12-20 | Graduation Opportunity Training tools for a Sustainable Procurement Strategy, KOVMA

The Sustainable Procurement Platform is looking for a graduating student who is interested in designing a physical and digital training tool to enhance sustainable procurement strategies.

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