Graduation Support

Graduation Support offers support on graduation related topics, to IDE students and staff. Students who are in the process of orienting on, making arrangements for, or execution of a graduation project, or staff members who are supervising a student who is, can consult GS.

Graduation Support office

At the Graduation Support office, information can be requested on more general topics, like   

  • Procedures with regard to starting, and execution of a graduation project
  • Differences between internship and graduation
  • Intellectual property rights

By GS’s officer, you might be referred to a certain specialist within the faculty, like a contract advisor or student counsellor.

Graduation Support office hours are on Tuesday afternoon, 13:00 -16:00hrs (any exceptions will be announced on the whiteboard next to the office in the C-4-corridor). Pass by freely during these hours, or send a message for mail consultation or to schedule an appointment:

Sparring partners

The Graduation Support Sparring Partners can be consulted to discuss more master specific topics in relation to graduation, like;

  • Orientation on a graduation subject
  • Verification whether a subject will be suitable to graduate on within the specific masterPossible staff members to discuss a topic with
  • Possible staff members to discuss a topic with

The Sparring Partners for each specific master are:

Graduation Support Sparring Partners should be contacted directly. Find their contact information by clicking the names above.

Graduation Support

Regular office hours: 
Tuesday 13:00 - 16:00 
If required, request for other days/times.

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