Exchange period abroad

Registration next semester at TU Delft

Make sure you sign up for the course(s) you would like to take in the semester following your study abroad period! Notification of the enrolment period will be sent via ‘IDE mail’, so make sure that this email account is activated and that you check it regularly while you are abroad (or have it automatically forwarded to your private email account). Please keep in mind that if you forget to enrol you can’t follow courses when you return to Delft. If you will start your graduation project after your exchange, of course you need and want to take of that before and during your exchange.

Change in courses

If your courses change during your stay, you need to change your learning agreement and/or 'learning plan' and have it approved and signed. Your learning plan has to be send to the course coordinator and the international office of IDE. You will receive this information by mail (TU Delft student account), including the formats of the forms. NB: Learning agreements (during mobility part) should always be signed by the host university and the student before sending them to the international office of IDE.

Statement of Host Institution

Some grants need a Statement of Host Institution. The form will be sent to you by the finance department of Erasmus or another grant. Have the dates of arrival and departure filled in and have the statement signed by the host institution before you return to The Netherlands!