Faculty Student Council (FSC)

What is the Faculty Student Council?

The Faculty Student Council (FSC) consists of seven enthusiastic students, from both the bachelor as well as the master. These students are elected every year in May through elections. This makes them the representatives of all IDE students.

Just like the central Student Council (consisting of ORAS and Lijst Bèta) is able to coin in on affairs for the entire university, the FSC is concerned with affairs of a single faculty, in this case the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

The goal of the FSC is to warrant the quality of the education and facilities at IDE. To acquire as much backing as possible, the FSC maintains a close cooperation with other student representatives from the OKIO (Programme Committee IDE) and the Board of Education (OD). The consultations take place in the meeting of ID Education (the education committee of ID, the study association) every two weeks.

Among other things, we organize input lunches every quarter, where we ask students for their feedback on courses during a free lunch. Do you want to participate in one of those lunches? Please send an email to ideducation-svid@tudelft.nl.

How do we hold influence?

We have meetings with the dean and representatives of Education and Student Affairs. To make sure we can mean something for the students in those and other meetings, we have three legal rights: approval and advisory rights and the right of initiative.

The approval right is important when plans are made for changes at IDE. Sometimes, these plans could have unwanted side-effects for students if they were enforced. In such a case, the FSC can say they do not agree with the plan in its current form. Because of the approval right, the plan cannot be executed and should be altered first.

The advisory right allows us to influence things related to the students. The FSC can read the plans of the faculty and give our advice. This advice is not binding like with the approval right, but it cannot be ignored. This right is exercised each year both for the budget plans and the statute.

The right of initiative is the third right, which we can use if we notice a certain trend among students. In this case, the FSC can propose ideas for improvements, without waiting for someone higher up to act.