Programme Committee (OKIO)

OKIO is a (Dutch) abbreviation for 'Programme Committee IO'. The OKIO is an advice council consisting of five teachers and five students.

What does the OKIO do?

  • Advise on all education topics within the programme
  • Advise on the Teaching and Examination Regulations for the bachelor (OER) and master (TER) programmes.
  • Yearly evaluation of the execution of the OER/TER.

Click here for the Annual Report 2020-2021

Who are seated in OKIO?

The OKIO members meet every 3 weeks. They are responsible for giving requested and unrequested advice to the Board of Education regarding the quality of education. Each OKIO member (from students and staff) represents one of the four programmes (Bachelor and the three Masters). 

We are still looking for a student to represent the master DfI. If you’re interested, please send an email to

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