Programme Committee (OKIO)

OKIO is a (Dutch) abbreviation for 'Programme Committee IO'. The OKIO is an advice council consisting of five teachers and five students.

What does the OKIO do?

  • Advise on all education topics within the programme
  • Advise on the Teaching and Examination Regulations for the bachelor (OER) and master (TER) programmes.
  • Yearly evaluation of the execution of the OER/TER.

Click here for the Annual Report 2020-2021

Who are seated in OKIO?

Each OKIO member represents one of the four programmes: Bachelor and the three Masters.

Stefan Persaud – Chair

Bart Lanser – Vice Chair (IDeducation)

Good relationships and smooth communication between the ongoing processes within education

Sonja Paus-Buzink (BSc)

Daan Kuivenhoven (BSc)

Alignment courses between quarters and consistency of coaches

Aadjan van der Helm (DFI)

Gul Onat (DFI)

Distance between student and course, support in prototyping

Margreet Beets (SPD)

Nikita Arora (SPD)

More flexible, more possibilities within the program

Jacky Bourgois (IPD)

Maartje Ballemans (IPD)

Defining autonomy across program, common pedagogical approach