House rules

House rules for studios

Keep clean & tidy 

  • No food or drink in the studios
  • Place all waste in the rubbish bins or paper containers as appropriate
  • All loose (project-related) items that need to be kept should be placed in the cupboards/windowsill
  • Items to be displayed may only be hung on the notice boards. Any items hung in other places (walls, doors, windows) will be removed.


  • Keep escape routes free from obstacles: do not block emergency doors with chairs, tables or cupboards
  • Return standard furniture to the original layout (see floor plan provided) at the end of your project. You are responsible for removing all other items
  • Leave computers and telephone as shown on the floor plan
  • Free-standing electrical appliances (such as kettles and coffee-makers) may not be moved
  • Nothing may be hung from the ceiling

House rules for PMB:

Corona guidelines

For the special corona guidelines see the IDE Corona website.

Safety & houserules

  • The workshop is for IO students and employees only.
  • Wearing a protective coat and steel toe safety shoes is mandatory.
  • While using machinery, you have to wear safety glasses.
  • You have to leave a clean workspace.
  • You always have to follow the instructions of the employees and student assistants.