Participation in MSC elective courses of the Faculty IDE is only possible after registration in OSIRIS via MyTUDelft. For more information about the periods in which registration is possible, please click here.

How to select your activities in your 3rd semester?

Understanding the system:
Step 1 Find out if you are allowed to follow electives. Read all about the sequence of courses in the MSc programmes in the Teaching and Exam regulations: Sequence of courses and examinations.
Main principle: If you started the MSc programme 2 or more semester ago, and followed the mandatory Master courses, you are allowed to follow elective courses.

Step 2 There are a lot of possibilities for filling in the elective space/your 3rd semester, both inside and outside the Faculty. Read about all opportunities on the website.

Step 3 If you want to follow MSc electives offered at IDE, first read about the structure of the elective semester and study the presented examples for filling in your 3rd semester.

Step 4 Read the other information on the website of the MSc IDE electives (see left banner for the available information).

Step 5 Download the current overview of IDE elective courses (see right side of the page). Check the date and the percentage of the version as well in order to determine if  you are already able to make more or less definitive plans.
At the start of the registration term the overview will offer a 100% version (unforeseen circumstances excluded).

Step 6 Inform yourself about the offer of block courses offered in the first two weeks of the first quarter. Make use of the course descriptions in the digital Study Guide. Select only one block course as it will occupy a full two weeks and cannot be combined with other (block-) courses.

Step 7 Inform yourself about the offer of linear courses in the 1st quarter of your personal 3rd semester and the 2nd quarter of your personal 3rd semester. Use the course descriptions in the digital Study Guide.

Step 8 Important guidelines to take into account:
A study load of 15 ec per quarter means a study load of 42 hrs a week.

  • In the 1st quarter of your 3rd semester (15 ec) this means 1 block course of 3 ec followed by 12 ec linear courses (i.e., 4 days a week).
    PS If you choose not to do a block course, expect it to become very intense to follow electives for 5 days a week in the rest of the quarter.
  • In the second quarter of your 3rd semester this means 15 ec linear courses (i.e., 5 days a week),
  • In the first quarter of your 3rd semester, the linear courses start in week 3 (after the block course),
  • Choose only one course per part of a day. 
    Courses on the same (part of a) day will have conflicting schedules. If you choose more than one course on the same part of the day we assume that you leave the choice to the faculty and we will include you in only one of the electives you chose. Any choice made by the faculty will be irrevocable. 
  • Choose only one block course.
    Two block courses will have conflicting schedules. If you choose more than one Block course we assume that you leave the choice to the faculty and we will include you in only one of the electives you chose. Any choice made by the faculty will be irrevocable.
  • Make your choice and select only those courses you really want to follow. Do not register for more courses/ec’s you want to/can follow.
    Principally what you choose is what you’ll get. And also important: what you get, you are expected to follow.

How to register for IDE MSc Elective courses.
Registration takes place in MyTUDelft. The process is the same as the usual registration for BSc or MSc courses. Keep in mind that the registration period is different for electives!

Step 1 Go to MyTUDelft via Brightspace

Step 2 Under enrol (course), search for the courses of your choice using the course code, or the course name.

Step 3 Register for the courses you want to attend in both quarters of your 3rd semester.

Step 4 Make sure you check in MyTUDelft if your registration was succesful.

Step 5 If your registration was not correctly processed! Try again or contact the coordinator of education.

What will happen after registration?

Step 1 After the registration period the Faculty will process the registrations in MyTUDelft.

Step 2 For most courses applies: What you choose, is what you get.
A few courses have a limited amount of spots. If, for those courses, the maximum number of participants is exceeded, participants are drawn randomly.

Step 3 Students, who are not included in the course of their choice (only in case of electives with a maximum capacity), will be contacted by the Faculty. These students will get the opportunity to select other electives up to the amount of EC of the electives in which they could not be included. Your response to this email is needed within a few days.

Step 4 The participation lists in MyTUDelft will be updated, and you will be automatically added to the Brightspace pages of your courses.

IDE MSc Electives offer 

  • Click here for the explanation of IDE MSc Electives offer
  • Download the  IDE MSc Electives overview coming semester
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