Registration for MSc courses - MyTUDelft

Important message for all students concerning registration for courses in the Spring semester (quarter 3 and 4 of this academic year)

Read all information below thoroughly before registering.
Registration for IDE MSc compulsory courses of the IDE MSc programs opens as from December 5. Registration is done through the My TUDelft app.

Registration is possible up and until Sunday December 18, 23.59 hrs.

Note: Registration is compulsory for all IDE MSc courses in the coming semester (2 quarters!).
Make sure you register correct and timely because no registration means no participation in courses in the coming semester. 

Courses for which registration is compulsory and for which registration is now open:


Master Generic courses (for all MSc students)


ID 4060

Manage Your Master

Quarter 3

ID 4070

IDE Academy

Semester 2


IPD-specific courses


ID 4135-16


Quarter 3

ID 4175

Advanced Embodiment Design

Semester 2

ID 4185

Strategic & Sustainable Design

Quarter 4


DfI-specific courses


ID 4220-17

Interactive Technology Design

Quarter 3

ID 4230

Visual Communication Design

Quarter 3

ID 4235

Reflection on Design

Quarter 4

ID 4256-17

Project Usability and User eXperience Assessment in Design

Semester 2

ID 4265

DfI Research Methodology

Quarter 4


SPD-specific courses


ID 4315-16

Brand & Product Commercialisation

Semester 2

ID 4340

Strategic Value of Design

Quarter 3

ID 4355-18

SPD Research

Semester 2

ID 4370

SPD Media

Quarter 4


Step 1: Determine which courses you would like to attend in the upcoming semester (quarter 1 and quarter 2, or quarter 3 and quarter 4).

For planning purposes use: 

  • The overview of the compulsory courses in our MSc programs (see the list above or check via  the programme overviews (DfIIPDSPD).
  • The draft timetables at MyTimetable to prevent conflicts in your schedule in case you combine first and second year courses or courses of different MSc programmes. This check is important because after the registration deadline it is not possible to switch any course.
  • Course descriptions can be found in the digital study guide.

Step 2: Registration for IDE MSc courses in the MyTUDelft app.

Open the MyTUDelft app.

  • Under enrol (course), search for the courses you want to register for, using the course code, the course name, or through your study programme.
  • Register for the courses you want to attend in the upcoming semester (Note: register for both quarter 3 and quarter 4!)
  • After registering: double check if your courses are listed as (pre-)enrolments in the MyTUDelft app. If this is not the case, your registration was not correctly processed! Try again or contact the coordinator of education.

Note: Students may register for courses with a total maximum study load of 40 credits per semester. A student who wishes to take more courses must submit a written request for this, giving their reasons, to the Director of Education of the faculty (via, before the registration period.


For questions concerning study planning you can contact one of the academic counsellors.
Questions about the process of registration for education in MyTUDelft can be sent to the coordinator of education.

Admission requirements

For all degree programs at TU Delft the Bachelor-before-Master rule applies. This means that you should have completed your whole BSc program in order to be admitted into one of our MSc programs. 

Temporary measure 2022/2023 on Bachelor/Master transition because of COVID-19

On 24 May 2022, the Executive Board communicated a temporary measure for the transition from the bachelor to the master. Here you can read the temporary measure for the Industrial Design Engineering faculty (only available in Dutch).


If on second thought you decide not to attend a course for which you registered, you should sign out in the MyTUDelft app. Make sure you do so before the course starts. By doing so, you enable us to organise your education and the required capacity as good as possible.