Delft Academic Shop (DA-SH)

Delft Academic Shop (DA-SH)

Delft Academic Shop, also known as DA-SH, is the shop at the Industrial Design Faculty for everything TU students and employees (might) need.

Of course we sell all required textbooks and other literature for IDE, but also the most popular titles needed at other faculties. We also offer a wide range of office supplies, drawing materials and computer supplies. Whether you are looking for a Copic marker, a large protractor, a roll of tape or a USB stick, there’s a good change you will find it at DA-SH.

When looking for gifts you are at the right address too. We have (coffeetable) books about design and lots of other subjects, a top 25 of popular fiction and nonfiction, jigsaw puzzles, board games and lots more.

We are not just there for the students, but for the employees as well. Anything ordered through Alusta will be delivered with an invoice, but in most cases a C5-form will suffice.

We hope to be able to meet you at our shop soon.

Marien van Leeuwen
Dennis Herman
Delft Academic Shop – DA-SH


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