First Aid

Throughout the building of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, First Aid signs can be found. These signs indicate that in the room concerned a First Aid assistant is housed. On the floor plans of the faculty, these rooms are marked with this icon: .

In case of a fire, industrial accidents or any other threat the following rules are applicable:

  • A ‘slow whoop’ siren indicates an alarm. Follow the instructions.
  • Go to a safe area and warn others.
  • In case of fire press one of the fire alarm systems
  • Report calamities at 112 using a fixed phone and answer the questions.
  • Follow the instructions of your in-house emergency response team.(BHV)
  • Leave the door to your room unlocked.

Emergency response organisation (BHV)

The Delft University of Technology has her own in-house emergency response organisation. Special teams give first aid assistance and act in case of emergencies. Always have your injuries treated. Report (near) injuries to the in-house emergency response coordinator. For the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, the coordinator is Udo Ouwerkerk, 015-278 8158, room D-1-270.